29 thoughts on “TRAVEL TIPS: Safety Tips for Solo Travellers

  1. Helen Bailey says:

    Some super safety travel tips Kristen!

    I'd like to add that strongly believe that we solo female travelers should also know ways to defend ourselves from being attacked. Not all of us have time to take self-defense classes however so I'd like to share some tips which I have learned.

    I've been taking Krav Maga for women classes for self-defense and I've learned that the best self- defense targets on a mans body for women, and the best ways of striking them are as follows:

    – the eyes (finger poke them)
    – the nose (palm heel strike upwards)
    – the throat (chopping like actions)
    – the testicles (knee / kick / punch / slap / grab-twist-pull and hold on to them tightly until he collapses and passes out within a matter of seconds)
    – the knees (sideways kick to dislocate)

    I've been taught that even a trained, determined teenage girl could easily take down a man if she goes for these targets, especially if she goes fast and hard for the eyes or the testicles (or "high balls" and "low balls" as I've also heard them called.)

    If he's removed his trousers and he is about to rape you, then his testicles will now be extremely vulnerable to a "grab, twist, pull and hold" counterattack, and you should keep squeezing and pulling them as hard as you can (you can even use both hands, and it's still just as effective even if you only manage to get hold of one testicle) until he passes out in under 8 seconds.

    When a man has his testicles forcefully squeezed it causes him to curl over and quickly lose all of his strength no matter how big and strong he is – great for us women to know about. This technique has actually saved many women throughout the world.

    We can all stay safe if we know how and where to strike. if we are ever attacked

  2. Dj Airfire says:

    Im traveling in china macao hong kong and philippines around asia pacific.always alone yeah i'm aware of the possible happen"so i am careful alert and cleverness and calm

  3. Josh K says:

    Another great video Kristen. I still have yet to find the courage to travel solo. Hopefully with these tips it should help 🙂 Thanks for sharing…

  4. bunny m says:

    A little tip for being in an unsave area: walk with confidence. Soldier style. You have to Seem like you know exaclty where you are going, like you are completely on top of the Situation and that you mean business. Wearing sturdy shoes also helps a lot.

  5. Melvin Dsouza says:

    I am going on my first solo trip outside India (I come from India). plan to do a trip to all the for corners of the country if it comes in my budget. I would appreciate if anyone has any tips or references to websites that I should check into. or if anyone has done anything similar.

  6. paradeprincess says:

    I am going to be traveling on a plane in two months and I have never been on a plane before and I will be alone at least the flight is only 1-2hs long still super scared im 15 btw

  7. Kyra13O says:

    Nice video! I really love traveling, but i've never traveled alone, and I have to say it scares me a bit. But thank you for all the tips. I just discovered your channel and I've been watching your videos for like 3 hours now and i love it 😀 New fan & subscriber here haha
    Btw, when you say "I'm waiting for my boyfriend" in spanish, you say "Estoy esperando a mi novio"
    Btw#2, just as you, I'd love to go to Japan. Are you planning to go soon? Because I'd really really like to watch you trip♥

  8. Joffery Hollsworth says:

    I'm so glad I found your channel! I am in the beginning stages of figuring out a nomadic life for myself, and I figured youtube would provide me with a great teacher to get me started. Thank you for making this channel Kristen!

  9. Milla Peltonen says:

    I am going to my first solo trip next spring… from finland to JAPAN Tokyo… I have been in Tokyo once before, thoug that time I was just wollowing my friends all the time. I am feeling little nervous… but also exited, this video was helpfull, thank you.

  10. shelly martes says:

    So glad how found ur channel all though a search video on learning how to edit which im bad but I want to Learn your so pretty and love ur personality and courageous hey maybe on ur next trip u can travel to colombia im from there looking forward to watch ur videos… . .

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