Varanasi, India – Travel Guide and Top Things To Do

47 thoughts on “Varanasi, India – Travel Guide and Top Things To Do

  1. Lakshmi S Nair says:

    true our country is beautiful spiritual magnificent but we are so far away from maintaining it's true form… the hygiene part especially… I find people just sooo careless about the environment… I'm an Indian…really proud of my motherland but it really upsets me by the way most of the people spoil this land…

  2. lalita govinda says:

    Mark you are the best glad you made it to india the beautiful food the temples and the people i love india being there and all around oh i miss it so much thanks again for the lovely video !! best .

  3. David Mankel says:

    Hi Mark.. Quick question.. I have been told the street food is a no go.. due to the hygiene.. I see you eating at these stalls.. Did you experience any stomach upsets.. and any recommendations to minimise these risks?? Thanks, D.

  4. vacationboyvideos says:

    mark if I ever make it to india, is there city parts that are less crowded, less traffic, not so loud? mumbi , deli, new deli, is it all so many people, crwods and razey traffic? ( besides the country) a guess a more modern clean organized parts of a city?

  5. Alex Shur says:

    Jesus I'm surprised you were okay taking a video of the funeral. Did you ask in advance? I took a picture of one yesterday and got screamed at by I don't know how many people. Was my first day in Varanasi so I didn't yet know not to, but damn I'm surprised you were okay

  6. Jennifer Wei says:

    I've just discovered your videos and they're so wonderful.  Great camerawork, great editing, engaging format…thank you for sharing these!  Some of my favorite travel videos.

  7. Baker kabunga says:

    Hay Mark love the vid. How do you find the people in Varanasi? i'm a photographer and want to go out there next year for pics of the holy men. do you think it is a trip that i could make on my own? did you go out there in a group or just back packed your way round? any advise would be great.

  8. Chip WhereRU says:

    Hey Mark, good to hear back from you. My best to Ying and you. You two complement each other and make a great team. Lesson to be learned for many couples ! Yes, look fwd to our future meet in Bkk 🙂

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