1. Yesenia Rodriguez says:

    Will be traveling to Bangkok alone for 2 weeks soon. I have traveled to canada on my own which it was awsome. As time gets closer, idk if im feeling jst a lil scared mixed with excitement Since this is a much different country. But thanks to your video you have confirmed that everything will be okay, so i will enjoy the adventure and be open for what ever comes! Thank you.

  2. Helen Bailey says:

    Great travel tips and a great channel Mari!

    We solo female travelers should also know effective ways to defend ourselves if we're ever attacker. Not all of us have time to take self-defense classes however so I'd like to share some tips which I have learned.

    I've been taking Krav Maga for women classes for self-defense and so far I've learned that the best self- defense targets on a mans body for women, and the best ways of striking them are as follows:

    – the eyes (finger poke them)
    – the nose (palm heel strike upwards)
    – the throat (chopping like actions)
    – the testicles (knee / kick / punch / slap / grab-twist-pull and hold on to them until he collapses and passes out within a matter of seconds)
    – the knees (sideways kick to dislocate)

    I've been taught that even a trained, determined teenage girl could easily take down a man if she goes for these targets, especially if she goes fast and hard for the eyes or the testicles (or "high balls" and "low balls" as I've also heard them called.)

    If he's removed his trousers and he is about to rape you, then his testicles will now be extremely vulnerable to a "grab, twist, pull and hold" counterattack, and you should keep squeezing them as hard as you can (you can even use both hands, and it's just as effective if you only manage to grab hold of one testicle) until he passes out in under 8 seconds. When a man has his testicles forcefully squeezed it causes him to curl over and quickly lose all of his strength no matter how big and strong he is – great for us women to know. This technique has actually saved many women throughout the world.

    We can all fight back effectively if we know how to.

  3. Dayna's Diaries says:

    Love this!!!! I went to Bali myself 5 days after I graduated from college and it was the best thing I ever did for myself. Now I know I can do it again for other locations around the world! <3

  4. David Lutz says:

    I traveled solo around the US in 1983 and my biggest regret of the trip was the lack of a shared experience with someone else that you could reminisce about later. These days, with social media, you can share with virtually everyone, perhaps even your future children!

  5. DIA JIN says:

    I absolutely agree with you! I love being alone, and also feel sooo empowered when I travel somewhere alone. It's also the best way to meet people as a solo traveler. Also note, I'm also from California and when I went to Iceland that's how I would introduce myself haha I noticed in the video the girls from California did the same thing! Instead of saying "I'm from the US" haha I wonder if it's a Californian thing 🙂

  6. WithCait says:

    I'm planning on taking a trip to Southeast Asia in two months (mostly Vietnam and Cambodia). The trip will be just under 3 weeks (firm because of work). I'm debating going with Gap Adventures, but I'm not sure if I should just do it completely alone. I've never travelled alone before, and I've never been anywhere other than Canada, the US, and Cuba. I don't know if it's better to do a tour company, or if two months is enough to plan it on my own.

  7. Jessika Perez says:

    First of all, I just want to say how much of a fan I am of you and to tell you that you have been a huge inspiration to starting my travel journey. All your previous videos on long term travel helped me tremendously for my departure. I just arrived in Madrid 3 days ago. I am an Au Pair and live with a host family this summer where I´ll get the chance to explore Spain and the surrounding countries. After the summer, I plan to travel solo around Europe and make my way towards Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. I´m hoping to keep up this lifestyle for as long as possible. Thank you for all your tips and advice! You are awesome! I also made a shout out to you on my blog that I just started if you care to tune in:

  8. Midlife Crisis World Tour says:

    Hi Mari, I was wondering if you had any tips for traveling NZ in winter. My RTW trip gets to NZ in June next year and I was worried that it'll be too cold to do the outdoorsy stuff…doesn't help I'm not a skier…anyway thanks in advance

  9. MsMas99 says:

    When I was in my late twenties, I drove from San Diego to San Jose to visit my ex.  When I told a coworker about my plans, she thought I was nuts to make that drive alone.  She said it was "too dangerous".  I planned ahead though.  I rented a car and I planned to leave in the morning, plus I had my cell phone.   Needless to say, it was a smooth road trip up there.   I made several trips alone to the bay area after that.  I really miss doing that. Hopefully some day I'll be able to travel somewhere overseas.  Thank you for the inspiration, Mari.

  10. Matt Opa says:

    What is your opinion on being a solo traveler who doesn't drink alcohol? Do you think it would be as easy to meet people if you are not going out and having drinks with them?

  11. Davish Lamburnt says:

    Last may I planned on going to Isla Mujeres Mexico and meet friends a week later. Everyone was worried about me going by myself. It dawned on me that every time I fly to Mexico I end up getting to the place to meet my friends on my own anyway. Never have had a real problem in Mexico and I've been going for 10 years.

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