38 thoughts on “New Zealand Travel Guide

  1. Donna C says:

    52 % of our rivers and streams are polluted , open cast mines , fracking and 1080 , Fluoride in the water, children leaving school still not able to read or write limited healthcare treatments and drugs for certain Cancers and I don't Know why people think we have free education and healthcare we don't and as we live under a dictatorship Government with  non binding referendums and the TPPA looming  things will only get worse

  2. Tyler says:

    Bungee jumping was discovered in the small islands of Vanuatu not NZ when I went there I saw the first bungee jump ever made. But NZ was the first to develop a bungee jump that wasn't made of sticks.

  3. Stradivarius Fenrir says:

    The New Zealand is like very good environment.
    Nature had a unique impression unlike Japan.
    It is like the totally ancient earth.
    A sheep dog drives the flock to the pasture.
    There are very many sheep.
    I saw a sheep dog ran on a flock of sheep!
    I have laughed.^o^

    I want to travel in the New Zealand before dying because the once is enough.
    Thank you ~ ^-^

  4. Peradoce1 says:

    To "Solid Asian Gold" : Your ignorance about the positive things the USA have done to the world. You mainly focus on the negative side, which every countries in the world have. I have been to 5 continents and lived in 20 different countries. You are a shame to yourself. When Somalia was in crisis in 1990's , who did the UN  go to-The USA. Remember  'Black Hawk Down?"  When the latest EBOLA crisis hit West Africa, Nigeria, Liberia, who was out there -The US Military!!. When  Super Typhoon Yolanda struck the Philippines in 2013, the USS George Washington and US Marines were out there to help out the poor Filipinos!  An Asian hag like you  deserve to be living in North Korea to be grateful about the USA. Every country have its own flaws so stop your negative reasoning about the USA!

  5. sonny day says:

    What is this bullshit! it should be titled "North Island Travel Guide" as there was no mention of the South Island where the real beauty is, Too many people in the North Island and the scenery is not that great. Plus we do not have "jungles" here is NZ, also a Toyota is not called a Jeep!

  6. abdullah nasher says:

    its natural beauty couldn't hide the European Imperialistic mindset of its new European nation. you can try it but one criterion; I have warn you already_ unless you R foolish English-summer course student from wasteland!

  7. abdullah nasher says:

    its people are xenophobic and social ladder-driven capitalistic with no human or ethical motives, it is the European version of xenophobic Japan, with money only everything is possible no time for humanitarian stuff!

  8. moe lestangus says:

    To anyone that is unfamiliar, this 'guide' is really quite average. Anyone who lives here or has lived here will know that these scenes in this clip are nothing out of ordinary and many far more spectacular places are literally everywhere. 20 minute drive to a beach and a 90 minute drive to a mountain, from just about anywhere. Literally if you get tired of a landscape, simply drive 10-15 minutes in any direction.

  9. MarkHitsTheRoad says:

    I stopped in New Zealand on a whim to break up my return from Australia to the US and spent four days in Auckland and the surrounding area.  Not enough time to really explore the country, but I enjoyed what I saw that a return to see a lot more of the country is on my "someday" list.

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