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    Main aim of the travel is to learn and not to enjoy 1. Before to start the journey, one should gather all kinds of information about the land and people specially Dos & Don'ts. 2. Be open mind and mingle with locals and respect their culture. 3. Be simple and don't show your opulence openly. 4.Don't believe anybody in first instance only. 5. Take extra care in your health, travel documents and money. 6. Better to have local friend as your guide or to follow his advice. 7. Be prepared to enconter any emergency in any time. 8. Keep contact phone numbers and addresses in case of emergency. 9. For foreigners, it is always advisable to stay in popular hotels. 10. Please mind "Less luggage, more comfort". 11. For first time travellers, it is advisable to join in groups. 12. Please avoid stereotyped misconception. Wishing you the happy journey.

  2. Jcml says:

    I'm going to india soon and i've been told by people who have already been there that because of my hair ( i have red hair 😃) people will stare at me , is this true ? Or is it a steriotype ?

  3. Sameer Abdulqader says:

    I'm going to India this summer, and my parents insist that I may never get used to the differences. When I ask, the talk like I – or maybe they – I honestly don't know which – are hysterical. You provided these tips in a no-nonsense manner, and I thank you a million for that.

  4. Jasmine D says:

    Lol I love how Indians get mad at this, but it's virtually true. No matter how many times you go you never quite get use to it and you do get sick there at least once. I would know my parents are from India originally and every single thing she has said has happened every time we go there. Especially the traffic rules being non existent part.

  5. Shaun Naughton says:

    Thanks for the travel suggestions. Sounds similar to rules I usually follow when traveling to mainland China, eat cooked food and boil water or use unopened bottled water. And enjoy the local cuisine!

  6. Arvind G says:

    Such an inaccurate video. Dont let this video scare you. Bharat (India) is going to warmly welcome you and is going to take care of your every need.  The stark differences which was mentioned in the video are only stereotypes. You will get every facility in India that you may require. Have a great trip 🙂

  7. nitin jaiman says:

    And to that rape thing ,stats says india is not even close to usa in terms of rapes. Moreover as i live in india i can say that security for any women weather its indian or foreigner is the primary priority of police. we even have help line numbers and mobile apps for this. At least Indians are not racist they dont kill people when they took their jobs.

  8. nitin jaiman says:

    Forget this video ill tell you what should one do
    1) try Indian food it is very tasty and it is in vast variety. It changes from city to city and one should always try eat
    2)there is a thing in our religion "athiti devo bhava" which means guest are gods and indians do believe in it. They might invite you on dinner and it may look scary for western people but indians are very social and its a common social practice in india.
    3)india is a safe country. lot of westerners come to india every year

  9. rajroy04 says:

    So to my dear Americans..please do NOT get influenced by the movies made ignorant morons like Devlin or Whedon. The beauty of India is its unpredictability, in its chaos. There are only 14% African Americans in US..yet you find it hard to coexist with them. In India, every state is a country in itself. Come and learn how to co-exist with people of different cultures..peacefully. Come to India with an open mind.

  10. rajroy04 says:

    I dont blame westerners..especially Americans. Literature can be a major form of gathering knowledge in any society. Movies / Novels are one such form.
    Case in point :
    1. Day after Tomorrow : To dear Mr. Dean Devlin, Delhi is not abt turbanned men/mosques/ambassador taxis..its way beyond that. You cannot even fathom the legacy of city like Delhi.
    2. The Avengers : To dear Mr Josh Whedon, Calcutta has been the centre of intellectual revolution since 1800s. Its not only Slums and Brothels.

  11. menonhm says:

    The chicks dumb , shes playing up to the west – not quite sure of India as yet ? , how typical -so what if a few people get an upset stomach – they will not die , rather it will make men out of them . If they want the comfort of home its better that they stay at home and suck their thumbs and eat mommas apple pie. Sweetheart , those who wanna come will come in any case – with or without your antiseptic advice . 1.2 billon people and all dying from bacteria , which are gods own gift to man !!

  12. ghostyman666 says:

    Why would someone who lives in a nice privileged area where we have access to everything we could ever want; fly to a country that doesn't have the same things and has higher crime, major air and water pollution issues, and lower life expectancy? Did you know that over half the population just shit out in the open? WHY DO YOU WANT TO GO TO THIS PLACE? I'll have no sympathy for any woman who gets raped for going to India. I also will not for people going to Columbia. No need to go there either.

  13. Tom D says:

    This was well done and I would apply those recommendations for travel to most non western countries . I was surprised that US travelers required visas prior to entry. Perhaps they are trying to keep the illegal population down.

  14. CuteCatFaith says:

    I'm an American longtime in France & just dropped in to see this clip for fun. It's quite easy to get sick when traveling — climate & water changes are factors. I've warned visitors about drinking tap water here & when they haven't listened, they've felt uncomfortable, or worse. I'm happy they relax quickly, but really, this high fat diet, the foul air in Paris and all the limescale in the tap water … well, you get the picture! Uprated, and my best to you!

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