21 thoughts on “Fabulous Travel Destination Ideas for Every Season

  1. Diana says:

    I was hoping you'd mention New England so I was pleasantly surprised when you did. I live in Oklahoma and have been to New England twice, and plan on going to Maine in October to visit a friend and see the colorful foliage.

  2. Denise James says:

    I love to travel . My husband and I are going to St Lucia in January at a place called Ladera . I don't know if you've heard about or even been there . It looks like a fabulous place . Three sided villas facing the Peton mountain peaks . It's cool enough in January to not worry about air conditioning . I so enjoy your channel and all your videos . I'm a newby and I've already gleaned some great advice from you and a few of your guests about some things that interested me . Makeup , skincare, friendships , finding my interests etc …. you are terrific at this ! So I've had you on catching up on your past videos. Thank you for having me as a YouTube friend .

  3. muhlenstedt says:

    Hello Margareth, your choices are very inspirational, however I think they are motivated from your experiences in the past.For me personally it is getting difficult to enjoy the same places I viseted long time ago Greece, yes is wonderful there, but would we able after 60 to feel good under 40 Celsius?Perhaps some of us, I am not a such strong nature.And all the romantic about Paris dissapears when we read that this city ist dealing with the terror again.They had to close Notre Dame yesterday.Times changed since you had these wonderful vacations.I know my fears are speaking with me, but please take care .

  4. Fran Comiskey says:

    I like to travel in spring. Most of my travels have been during this time and most of my destinations have been very mild temperatures during this time. I just came back from Brazil where it's winter now. The temperatures were mostly 70's!

  5. Viktoria Pettypiece says:

    all the local swimming pools, in Iceland, have wonderful. hot pools and it's lovely to sit in them in the winter, with the the snow falling and even when it's windy, to sit there and look at the sky. I travel mostly in the autumn

  6. RebeccasRoses says:

    I love your video and the places you chose in seasons. 🙂 I am going to be going to Victoria B.C, the Oregon Coast, and Hawaii. My favorite season to travel is early September after Labor Day. The prices drop and the weather is still beautiful.  🙂

  7. prettyblimp says:

    I would travel in Autumn, here in Victoria, Australia. Bushfires threaten all summer long and I would rather be home defending. Autumn is great, kids are back to school, holiday places are cheaper, and it is not hot. There is something so lovely in the air in Autumn, and you can almost hear the trees sighing with the rain, and glad another hot summer is over again.

  8. Lesley 61 says:

    great video Margaret. i like to travel in the shoulder seasons. many of your favourite places are on my bucket list. we have two overseas holidays this year both are for weddings. a very close friend whom i am walking down the isle and the other for my son. it's a very busy expensive year.
    no travel for us next year. ..we need to recuperate financially and physically. it's all good.

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