Visit Kyrgyzstan – Issyk-Kul Lake Travel Guide (south shore)

27 thoughts on “Visit Kyrgyzstan – Issyk-Kul Lake Travel Guide (south shore)

  1. Mylon Ash says:

    Great video.  I enjoy the voice overlays and the scene transitions.  Kyrgyzstan is such a beautiful country and the people and culture seem wonderful and rich.  This has been added to the bucket list of destinations.  Thank you for sharing.  BTW and pardon me for prying but Sam has lost a bunch of weight.  How does one loose weight and travel?  I always become undisciplined and gain weight granted I am normally on vacation and Sam is working.

  2. Karen F says:

    Hello y'all i love your channel just started watching about a week ago . These are some great video's All the food looks sooo good . I hope to do something like this one day . Y'all take care 🙂

  3. Abram L says:

    hey guys how are u doing…love the vlogs lately as always really enjoy Kyrgyzstan thanks for sharing:) been a while since I have commented hope you remember me but I always watch all your vlogs 🙂

  4. Dana D says:

    Very impressive! That drone is awesome for the views it provides. Hopefully, you incorporate more drone time in the future. Sam, you just have to run and dive into the water! Wish you the best on your next journey.

  5. Lukasz Dmowski says:

    dude awesome off-the beaten-path travel. Come to Poland sometime! I'm doing a travel series with my beautiful Japanese girlfriend. Check it out, and guys please thumbs up ;). Kyrgyzstan looks an epic adventure! I would love to go someday.

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