26 thoughts on “TRAVEL TIPS: How to Travel for FREE

  1. GabrielaH says:

    Hey Kristen I met you in 2013 with this video lol I wanted to tell you that I finally travelled alone almost for "free". This video was SO helpful.
    Just wanted to say Thank You! two years later lol

  2. Liz Bolotin says:

    the price thing is so true.. I've been searching trips for feb 18 and now feb 18 is always pricier than other days to choose from.. so now I'll have to book using someone else's device

  3. Elmer Carrillo says:

    I like your videos. I'm a Buddhist and I actually plan on living on as a wanderer of some sort. my fist big trip is to go to India to meet the Dali Lama, then there after who knows! Id really like to know which places you felt was most amazing to visit. granted its going to take awhile for me to visit them but hey, I got the time.

  4. Mary Mathis says:

    Thanks so much for the insights – very helpful, you give very good suggestions with perameters. It's such a huge bonus to listen to a pleasant voice – loved your light-hearted presentation, your diction is perfect, your speed of speech was lovely – hard to learn something when you are forced to listen to a high-pitched, fast talking youngster that has too much of an accent…makes it hard to focus on material…anyway, you are such a darlin' young lady and your videos are really fun and helpful. Hope your travel experiences continue to your liking and you find helping us not-as-savvy travelers fun to do…Happy trails…

  5. GigisFix says:

    When you delete your cookies or search incognito, etc. it actually doesn't keep them from tracking you. Your IP address can keep you banned from websites, be traced by the page you're viewing, and your internet provider can still see every single page you view. : Sorry. However, viewing from various computers is good advice; just don't log in to your e-mail. ^^

  6. superduperboyx says:

    Here's some more tips. Open a NO FEE atm/debit card where you won't get charged fees from your bank/instition and that ATM. Ie Charles Shwab checking, Etrade, I would also check some credit unions too. Also Capital One doesn't charge a transaction fee on their credit cards when overseas out of the US.

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