Top 6 Gay Travel Tips

31 thoughts on “Top 6 Gay Travel Tips

  1. Xander Tonjaroff says:

    Came here from searching "gay travel" and this is the first vid of yours I've seen, subbed straight away! You guys are great and such s cute couple. Gives me hope for the future โค๏ธ

  2. Lues Lopez says:

    Times sure have changed. I'm from a generation before PDA. I've adapted. My husband and I are from the Philadelphia area, and if anyone spat at us they'd be sent to the nearest hospital.
    Just stay confident when on vacation and situational awareness is key.
    Happy birthday, you too such cuties.

  3. Jennifer BL says:

    I am an older generation and I think because being Canadian..we view it as a relationship just like any other…Love is Love 100% I must say both of you say the most intelligent real things and love your channel! x

  4. Gen ferris says:

    Ya gotta keep safe boys, sad though that is. People my age hardly dared touch each other's arms in public years ago, however not that many years ago I remember feeling that I had to ask hotels if they were ok with a same sex couple staying. Times have got better but not good enough yet …..#tolerance is not acceptance !!

  5. Jan Vloggaa says:

    I wish you didnยดt have to make this video. I feel so sorry for you two. I hope the world were you could travel absolutely without any homophobia. Welcome to Finland and Helsinki were hotel personnel is trained to serve gay couples normally. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. mike ggg says:

    I hate you both.

    But thats just jealousy talking. As a veteran police officer ive earned the gallantry cross and two meritorious service citations, yet it doesnt matter because i dont have washboard abs.

    Ignore me, im drunk, single, and miserable.

  7. Josh Glimpsed says:

    I truly liked your channel, What was your inspiration behind it? Please also take a look at my travel broadcast, been to US, Spain, Kingdom of Thailand and Australia so far! thanks! Josh

  8. Dave Roy says:

    I agree that couples need something to look forward to together but it doesn't always have to be a holiday. My husband and I both prefer to not travel, instead we are renovating our house, landscaping the yard/garden etc and we've been together almost 21 years! I love your channel, it's great seeing a real couple on YouTube instead of the fake plastic couples like you have talked about in other videos. In 21 years there have been times where we annoy/frustrate/infuriate each other because that is real life. Thanks for sharing your lives/stories/relationship!

  9. Rafael Tonon says:

    You're so great. I've just got to know you and I really would like to meet you. Me and my boyfriend have been together for 8 years and in January we're going to our first trip ever, and guess what.. to London, baby. Oh we would love to meet you guys. Regards from Brazil!

  10. Kathy Wilder says:

    Jack and Ben, you are both so handsome. WOW! Ok, here is my question and it is rather sensitive but it's an important one for every relationship: How do you handle finances between you two? Do you split all expenses down fifty-fifty or is it split unevenly based on what you earn? Have you ever had fights about money? I ask because my husband and I fight about it frequently, we earn about the same but he pays most of the bills while I spend my money on concerts, trips etc for us. ๐Ÿ™‚ Can you please do a video about this topic – it affects just about every relationship I think….

  11. Ricardo Sinclair says:

    Literally everything u said in this vlog happened on my first trip away with my boyfriend lol. We argued (and boy that was a hell of an argument!) We got mocked for holding hands in the street. We made good friends with this lovely straight couple from up north. And we booked our next holiday the day we landed haha

  12. Elmo - says:

    Other than holding hands i personally think PDA should be kept to a minimum regardless if your gay, straight or anything. mainly cos i'm so socially awkward im pretty sure a spoon would be able to socialise better than me to the point of being uncomfortable to kiss my own wife in public. but also because i know not everyone wants to see PDA

  13. Omari Joseph says:

    Back up Ben,you say a hook up is not a boyfriend,yet still you said that you both moved in together in the same week"HOOK UP BEN"…also dont lift up your robe or as you say "your thing"…don't blind me Ben

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