20 thoughts on “TRAVEL TIPS: HOLIDAY PACKING & Give-A-Way

  1. Geri V says:

    These are great packing tips I'll definitely incorporate. Nikki – you have so many different bags (packing, makeup, etc) that you use for so many things, which I absolutely love!! You should do a video on how & where you keep & organize all your different bags.

  2. Deborah Ramnath says:

    Currently at home with Nikki marathon while I have my morning coffee 🙂
    I always love how you put bags in bags for organisation made it so much easier to find things ^^ started doing it your purse organisation and loving this too ^^
    -xo Love from Trinidad

  3. ShimiChic says:

    Great tips–thanks, Nikki! Just catching up on my subscription videos. Also, I see you have almost 100,000 subscribers–congratulations!! I'd love to see a video or blog post on how you have grown your brand and channel. Hope your Thanksgiving was great, and I look forward to more videos!

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