50 Things to do in Buenos Aires Travel Guide

46 thoughts on “50 Things to do in Buenos Aires Travel Guide

  1. Julio Nuevaera says:

    clase mundial???? ustedes????? jajajajajajaja, sigan soñando mamarrachos argentinos!!!

    argentina = país basura tercermundista lleno de gentuza mediocre y engreída
    bs as = gran villa miseria llena de gentuza repugnante!

  2. Richard Diaz says:

    My wife and I honeymooned in Buenos Aires in 2012. We went to all the places ya'll did, including Cumana. I absolutely love that city, the people, the accent and the energy.

  3. Mino Sante says:

    Great video, guys! Thanks for sharing!
    One little correction: the ombú is not a tree, even if it looks like one… it's a herbaceous plant, a giant herb 🙂

  4. R.B.R says:

    Thank you guys, beautiful couple, great video. Could you please say again the parrilla place, also the milanesa one? I am taking my good friends this spring in Argentina. One more thing, I love when Samuel almost gets teary eyes when eating his food, so cool. hahahahha.

  5. Michael W. McCarrin says:

    I loved your video. You are both terrific at presenting. When you get down to it, eating is essential and your sampling was enlightening. Some presentations reminded me of food prepared in the 1950's. Most appeared to be essentially Italian. You could come to Philadelphia PA USA and find similar meats, fries and deserts especially in Italian restaurants. However, at least fifty percent or more of your selections are unique to  Argentina. I loved your video. Hope you can both retain those physiques with all those temptations. Thanks for this information.

  6. Alejandro Freeland says:

    The last time I visited Buenos Aires was 4 years ago. It a very good place to live. You can have many things that you can have in the First World. If you are an expatriate earning dollars you could live pretty well. Buenos AIres looks very European with a very well educated population.

  7. Alejandro Freeland says:

    Thank you for showing the city and all the great foods available in Buenos AIres. I'm living in Toronto, but I was born in Buenos Aires. I lived in Palermo near Plaza Las Heras (Palermo), that you show in this video, 10 minutes from the Canadian Embassy. And my final destination will be La Recoleta Cemetery, I hope in at least 50 years from now.
    I liked that you showed many things, like soccer and the demonstrations. It's part of who we are.
    Your videos are the ones I loved the most on the internet about Argentina. Always positive.

  8. Silvie Cunningham says:

    tenes razon! ahora en adultez puedo disfrutar el mate y como vos lo unico que tomo es te verde u toda clase de infusiones naturales sin azuca, ell primer mate servido sabe amargo los que vienen despues son mas suaves en gusto y mejor sin azucar. me encanto tu video. ustedes dos son geniales! suerte. volve a Argentina, no te olvides de este pais unico en todo sentido. yo siempre lo hago

  9. Mickey Nagy says:

    Buenos Aires Canadian style – oh did you miss the religion of the place? Roman Catholics, a lot of them Taigs – and lots of Jews. How's the King Billy Club in Toronto these days?

  10. aintwurfnufnifitaintfree says:

    Nice video. Love BA. Was there for a few days post-cruise in 2009… and yes, there was a demonstration going on outside the Casa Rosada. Your video makes me want to go back even more. I'm so jealous! To anyone going there I highly recommend the Loi Suites Recoleta Hotel.

  11. Dante Baez says:

    Really nice video… I've really enjoy it… You've covered the basics, but let me tell you that there are much more to do in Buenos Aires and greatest Buenos Aires; both from the touristic and the food perspective.
    You can try "asado" at El Ferroviario or "La lechonera"… Have ice cream at "El Anta", pastries at "Las Familias", "El Halcon", medialunas at "Atalaya", pizza at "El Cedron", "El Fortin", "El Palacio de la Pizza", and much more… if you can, I recommend going out in the country (couple of hours driving from Buenos Aires) to the "estancias" (rural family houses now opened for tourism where you can spend the day, have typical asado, and several activities like biking, riding horses, etc.
    Also if you can go at the northern greatest Buenos Aires, Tigre (next to the Rio de La Plata river delta) is really a nice, open area to shop, walk by, and eat… if you feel up to it, you cam even take a boat and visit the islands to spend the day).
    In short there are plenty of activities and places to go. You just need to go a little bit further than the most known touristic attractions. If you nned a guidance, let me know, I can recommend zillions of places. I'd really love to help.

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