HOW I AFFORD TO TRAVEL!?! – Budget Travel Tips!

39 thoughts on “HOW I AFFORD TO TRAVEL!?! – Budget Travel Tips!

  1. OspreyKnight says:

    Great philosophy on travel. I'm getting anxious to get traveling more as I finish my degree in photography.

    The military is how I got hooked and they've sent me to eight countries so far. Absolutely beautiful places full of amazing people… some that may not have liked the uniform I was wearing but usually really beautiful people. I'd like to make seeing the world my job and it's good to watch your videos and see how you do it.

    My favored mode of transport is a motorcycle and I try to get out at least once a week, just pick a road and ride until I get tired. Its amazing, the places I've seen and the people I've met even within 100 miles of home.

    For anyone who thinks they can't travel, just walk to a new place in your city. Go an adventure. Take a day to walk around for 6 hours and explore, eat at a new place each time you go out and talk to strangers.

    My dream is to return to Afghanistan as a civilian and travel there. It was an amazing land and I couldn't get enough of the people.

  2. Lee Blunt says:

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  7. Troy Bush says:

    oh and don't be afraid to walk! i have found some of the most amazing things in this world by walking.. I mean if another city is a few kilometers away don't take a bus walk it. you will find more people more amazing things than you will ever find from a vehicle

  8. Troy Bush says:

    Tal – I love that you made this video! i spent 25 yrs in the military and I've been to over 50 countries! i followed what you just said about living outside the box.. i would get deployed to Europe and boom on the train and gone and just randomly hop off the train go backpacking! I've seen so much of this world and seen so many amazing things.. one thing i haven't done is travel on a cargo ship but now at 44 i am for the first time so thank yoh for showing me how to do it.. So off to India and parts unknown with my backpack and open mind! keep up the brilliant work and travel and i will keep watching your videos…good luck happy travels!

  9. Damion Swartz says:

    25 years ago I found out my grandfather could ride Greyhound for free because he retired from there. well we have the same name, so I would take trips all over the U.S. and Canada. I would end up meeting people and finding a place to crash in exchange for a little work/help. next I got a job that paid crazy money where I could take July and August off. so I would skip county and go get lost and have a blast. then I got a 6 month work exchange in Australia that was an amazing experience. I'm glad people are still going out and living! I just wish I would have known about the cargo ship thing

  10. aceraezac says:

    i travel almost exactly like you, but not as often. i do it maybe once a year. i back pack, hitch hike, sleep under the stars, and maybe in a monastey where ever i can. But never have i done it outside my home country. Your videos are incredible because you put in the effort to CREATE videos and share your stories making it easier for new as well as existing travelers to either start or get inspired for the next travel story however big, small or near or far. Great videos man.

    you can check out my instagram @theheavenrider

  11. Artorius says:

    Don't you ever worry that if you spend all your time travelling you'll never get a decent career? I'm fresh out of university and I want to travel more now I'm free. But I also don't want to end up in my late 20s without any work experience.

  12. Elisabet Valverdi says:

    Great video, I live in Miami, and I wish I could travel the world, but with college and work is very hard to save money and time. I will try what you mentioned of visit places around that sometime we ignore because they are close but they still are great. You give good advices on this video, thank you and God bless.

  13. Gjori says:

    I wanna get out there and travel as well!! But first I have to finish exams, make money from my summer job that I signed up for, and well, figure out where to go 😉 Awesome channel, you seem very earth-bound (if that makes any sense, haha) I want to start vlogging it all as well just to share experiences and to be able to keep all the great memories.

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