Vancouver, Canada Travel Guide – Must-See Attractions

25 thoughts on “Vancouver, Canada Travel Guide – Must-See Attractions

  1. yixnorb says:

    I noticed that in summer the sun takes a very long time to set because of the northern latitude. The sun dips into the ocean at quite an angle then, bathing the city in beautiful sunset hues for almost an hour.

  2. ah niu says:

    Another generic North American with boring architecture.The only thing which save Vancouver , it is the location, between ocean and mountain.

  3. Matthew James says:

    i've lived here for a while, and it's probably a good place to visit but i feel like the touristy stuff can add up so bring some money.
    and yeah don't take your kids to gastown, if you go off the "main route" there's a ton of homeless people. also, they don't mention you can take the skytrain to the other cities (suburbs) too, they've got some cool stuff. and a lot of parks and wildlife stuff

  4. Van Johncox says:

    If you don't OD on fentanyl or get runover by an ambulance attending to an OD. It's a great place. On the other hand, downtown East Hastings Street is an adorable drop-in to the apocalypse. Just 3 minutes from Gastown. Guess they forgot to put it in the video.

  5. fedorov2002 says:

    Now Vancouver runs out of salt. Icy roads and sidewalks. Who cares? Local municipality does not give a shit about people. Break the leg or arm – idiots from City-hall will get huge salary anyway.

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