Stingy’s Travel Tips

32 thoughts on “Stingy’s Travel Tips

  1. tonnoz says:

    Great video Stingy!
    Anybody have records about travelling EU-EU ? What are the laws here about lipos, chargers, tools and quads? Same as US-US?

  2. Waymond Bishop says:

    Man, keep up the great work! Awesome tips. Thank you for your time and efforts here, us "common folk" really appreciate you all! …Oh, and great power looping 🙂 taking notes on throttle mgt.

  3. Paul Jewell says:

    Thanks Kevin! Two questions: how do you pack the antennae for your fatshark goggles? I am always concerned they will end up in contact with the optical elements in the goggles and scratch them. Second question: I like that transmitter case – where is that from? I am still using the Taranis hard case, but it's much bulkier and heavier.

  4. Michael Roesch says:

    Great travel tips SS! I use a Granite Gear bag/REI size backpack that zips together and breaks down to a 22" legal carry on and nice size backpack for my two computers, quads, etc. when traveling on business. Weightless as they zip together and make one rolling bag….

  5. Shy The Photoguy says:

    Following Steels Channel for a while, all made in style and very professionally produced, in line with the artist. But i am liking Stingy's videos even more because his flying is the art and Kevin is Kevin in all his personal strengths and characteristics. Keep up with producing content Kevin. Enjoying your videos!

  6. scirockalot8v says:

    do your black socks leave fuzzies all over the carpet after you take them off?…thanks for the travel tips. will be flying next year and will need to remember this stuff.

  7. cc201135 says:

    Are there a country that charge taxes to the racing drone if we carry them into the country? its just like imported tax that applied when you carry things entering the country.

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