Travel Tips: Customs + Immigration – What You Need to Know

41 thoughts on “Travel Tips: Customs + Immigration – What You Need to Know

  1. Collegegirl45 says:

    I am traveling out of the country for the very first time on my own for a study abroad program in Bangkok, Thailand in a few weeks. I have 2 connecting flights (U.S. state A to U.S. state B, U.S. State B to Seoul, South Korea then Seoul, South Korea to Bangkok). Do I have to go through customs and immigration at all my stops? I am extremely nervous because I have never left the U.S. before.

    Thank you.

  2. Carmen Moore says:

    Hi Sonia, I live in the USA and I'm traveling to Spain this summer. This is the first time I travel over seas. Do I have to go through customs and immigration when I get to Spain or is just when I get back to the USA?

  3. PocahantasBam says:

    If you're staying at a friend's house, then do you need some sort of proof from your friend that you are indeed staying with them? I'm traveling to the UK in one month, I'm trying to tie up any loose ends. Please help. 🙂

  4. Ebony Vargas says:

    Oh my God! I can't even begin to explain how much I needed these videos. I'm travelling on my own for the very first time and I'm looking to find all the tips that I can get. Your videos are amazing so thank you so so much!

  5. ric g says:

    THOUGHT THE APPEAL OF THIS GIRL IS THAT SHE TRAVELS.  Travel videos.  Actually it's a couch potato video of a talking head yakking about travel.

  6. Lizz Escobar says:

    If I'm 17 years,from mexico, and I'm traveling from sanDiego to San Francisco, They're going to ask me about where I'm Staying there? and with who??
    love your tips!

  7. marysparade says:

    I am visiting some friends in Holland in a few months, since I won't be staying in a hotel what do I do??
    Do I need something to prove I'll stay with them or what? any advice please-

  8. Raksha Rae says:

    I remember when I went to London to visit my brother. The guy at the immigration took FOREVER just to ask me the purpose of visit, where I was going to stay at, how long I was going to be there, and whether I was travelling alone (I was travelling with my parents – which meant it literally took FOREVER just to clear all those questions per person) =/

  9. MissJubilee says:

    Some countries beside the US also care what you bring in. China has a customs form, for example. Australia tends to be super picky about things like produce too – after all, their local ecosystems are different from the rest of the world's.  Also, beware US travelers who might think (as I did) that you don't need a visa for other English-speaking countries: You do for Australia! (and perhaps others…) Thank goodness for the kind airline check-in worker in Bangkok who helped me get a visa online before boarding my connecting flight to Brisbane.

  10. Mireya Alejandrina Coronado says:

    me gustan mucho tus videos, Dios te bendiga Sonia…

    quiero ir a Colombia de vacaciones pero no se que documentos piden,que dinero agarran aya, cual es el mejor hotel que me recomiendes y la aerolinea te agradeceria mucho que me dieras tips seguire ahorrando en el 2015 para asi poderme ir muy pronto de vacaciones

    que tengas buen dia, saludos desde Tamaulipas México 🙂

  11. yuneyee says:

    I'm about to go on a 10 day trip to Mauritiius to see my brother get married. I plan on doing lots of water activities as it's a beach resort. In the evening, we have to dress up for dinner and evening events, what clothes do I pack and. What shoes?

  12. Mademoiselle Emma says:

    thanks for the tips! quick question. i'll be traveling to france sometime next year with my husband. obviously i have to have my passport but do i need to do a visa thingy? like anything extra.

  13. World Wide Rach says:

    Ah thanks for this video :)! In 40 days I will be leaving for Switzerland for 3 months all on my own for the first time, and even though I travel a couple times per year I always get nervous

  14. Moshe Batito says:

    hi sonia
    i love you but i think that you sold your spirit and your taveling soul to the Advertisement companies
    Keep smiling your real huge smile and do not let any dollar to take him.
    moshe, israel.

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