Travel Tips: TSA Packing Tips

31 thoughts on “Travel Tips: TSA Packing Tips

  1. Angel Duque says:

    Sonia, really enjoying your videos since I love to travel, I wish I could do it more… bu the way… sort of a special question… I suppose you have latinamerican background cause I heard you speaking briefly in spanish in one of your vids, if you have from which country is it ??? just curious, apologize if it is too personal of a question… keep on with the cool videos…

  2. Heinrich says:

    are you allowed to bring shampoo cream rinse and toothpaste through TSA or should it be in the check-in bag? or not at all? what about bringing the food like cookies and crackers should I leave them in the checked bag or do they have to be in the carry-on bag, I'm so confused I haven't flown anywhere since the mid-nineties.

  3. Analeah Williams says:

    i have a very important question! 🙂 ill be travelling to north carolina (alone for the first time) to attend a FORMAL EVENT. ill be there for a week… how should i pack for the event, with my heels and formal gown?? help Sonia! 🙂

  4. StevenTheDeviantArtist1996 says:

    TSA: Ain't nobody got time for that!

    My tips:
    * Light Carry-On
    * Wear sweatpants, Shoes that can easily be slipped on & off, if you're cold, bring a hooded sweatshirt w/ zipper.
    * get light-weight computers & tablets (Macbook Air, iPads Mini, 2, & Air, & Surface Pro, etc), make sure they have a good charge.
    * Go light on jewelery, Minimum: Watch (either solar or self-wind), small necklace, and/or wedding ring if married.

  5. Zhonguoria says:

    If you're traveling outside USA, and you are an Imperial Idiot, you're in luck!

    Just remember these ROUGH benchmarks:
    10 centimeters = 4 inches (so scale up: 30 centimeters = 12 inches or one foot)
    But for distance, forget about the foot, think yards instead.
    because…. One meter = one yard.
    One Kilo-METER = 1/2 mile + 10%
    One Kilo-GRAM = 2 pounds + 10%
    (Don't get the two mixed up)

  6. MyGollyitsOlly says:

    This could put a stampeding adult rhino down at 200 yards.

    Think I'll drink a bottle of whatever I can find under my kitchen sink next time I need help nodding off….

    (My fault – my problem I know)

  7. Lesilie Lesilie says:

    To weigh the bags just step on the scale see how much you weigh, then hold your bag and stand on the scale and see how much you weigh and then subtract from there, no need to buy something for measuring the weight of luggage.

  8. christopher says:

    Should have been titled, "Packing Tips"  Nothing in there touched TSA.  You could do a 5 minute video on that topic alone.  Sizes and weights vary with airlines so does baggage fees. Not barely a mention. Update this video, it's lacking and out of date.

  9. Aileen Marotta says:

    Hey your show was on Thursdays!!! Cual prefieres maletas moldeables o de nylon or hard cases like you Darth Vader bag? And why? Doesn't that make the bag heavier? I need help, I'm traveling in three weeks. Love your tips! Go Latinas!!!!! FELICIDADES en tu well deserved award!!!

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