1. Natalia H says:

    Paris looks amazing on your snapchat 😍 So pumped to see all of your outfits and vlogs from Paris! 😛 enjoy it, it's amazing! You and Dan should also visit the French Riviera it's beautiful there xx

  2. Ola H. says:

    Alex, the lip kit looks so good on you, I literally was staring at your lips all the time 😁😅 Btw have fun in the city of love 💕 Take lots of pics cuz its beautiful there 👌😍

  3. Jana Edwards says:

    Alex love your lipstick it looks similar to the one you gave me, love it <3 Thank you <3 Saw when you where with Kyla and Ryan on snapchat 🙂 It's so cool that you're going to Paris! Hope you have the most amazing time 😊 My passport pic is so ugly too 😣

  4. Anouk - says:

    Have fun in Paris!! I am looking forward to the vlogss. I am kinda curious to hear you speaking France I hope you will speak a bit France. I can only say; je m'appelle anouk, je suis dix-sept ans, j'adore l'équitation🐴, je ne parle pas Français. 😂This is all I learned in one year hahah. I really want to do some kind of france speaking course.

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