Stuttgart Germany Travel Guide

22 thoughts on “Stuttgart Germany Travel Guide

  1. AhhMishMoneypenny says:

    Just returned and what a lovely place it is. We've been to Hamburg, Berling, Cologne and Frankfurt but Stuttgart is our favourite. We stopped right in the city centre and it was a delight to walk around exploring the place. It's so clean too, you'll be surprised. Highly recommend you visit this wonderful city, especially if you're a petrol head due to Mercedes and Porsche museums. Great video, very informative.

  2. Seeb Bremer says:

    I am hopefully going to live in this city. I did visit it many times before and fell so in love with it! I truly cant wait! Any tips for some starting English jobs here? I'm Dutch so my Germany is perfect in understanding and oke in speaking.

  3. Donald Campbell says:

    Wonderful video +Yellow Production, I miss it so much. I was stationed there from 1999-2005. I was married and started a family there. I was so addicted to the donner and yufka kebaps.

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