Madrid, Spain Travel Guide – Must-See Attractions

34 thoughts on “Madrid, Spain Travel Guide – Must-See Attractions

  1. jacob freemans says:

    Back in the eighties i was flying back home to the U K and had a 20 hour stop over at Madrid Airport. Just to kill some time i decided to go to the bogs for a hand shandy and i don't mind telling you it was quite the most fantastic wank.The whole cubicle was like a plasterer's radio.Ever since then when ever i watch Real Madrid and Ronaldo is doing his flicks and tricks it reminds me that he hasn't always been the biggest wanker in Madrid.

  2. Clement Ng says:

    Reina sofia museum , royal palace, debod temple egyptian, cathedral, thyssen museum, prado, cerralbo, archaeological, anthropology museums, decorative arts museum, lazaro g , sorolla museums,

  3. Clement Ng says:

    Reina sofia museum, royal palace , retiro park, puerta del sol, royal madrid soccer stadium, debod egyptian temple near royal palace, plaza mayor main square, gran via, mercado san miguel , prado museum. Add thyssen , sorolla, cerralbo, lazaro guardiano , naval, archaeological , museums as well as sabatini gardens, cathedral almudena , royal botanical gardens and so much more, teatro real opera ballet theatre and concert hall

  4. Tuula Westra says:

    One of the most vibrant cities I know, culture, arts, super people, sightseeing, restaurants, tapeo, flamenco. The Americans may not like it because they sleep early, the city comes alive very late, after dinner at 22 hours, then of to a bar, to dance till early hours.

  5. perth45 says:

    Looks so bloody boring, if this is meant to sell Madrid to me, then its a fail…I looked at it because we were going to go, but after seeing this, maybe not….

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