1. Sa1nt_17 says:

    I used to fly every year and my parents even more often, and best tip is always wake up / get ready to go to the airport 4 and a half or 5 hours before boarding. Have someone wake up earlier than you or you before others by like 10 mins to wake up and make sure stuff is ready. Do your stuff that you need to and you should have 25 to 2 hours to spare.

    This has worked for me and my parents when we went travelling

  2. Ghaania Usman says:

    Listen to what happened to me! I was coming back from turkey and it interconnected to Qatar, Doha and we were just casually at the airport buying stuff till we realised that there were fifteen minutes left till we boarded. We were like omg so my dad asks my mum whats the gate number? And she goes like 24. So we such up to the escalator and go up to gate 24 and it says that that gate went to Paris and we were like wtf so we went down again and this really sweet guy working there saw that we had been running like cheetahs for the past ten minutes so he went like show me your boarding passes please so we do and turns out our gate number was 4, and not 24 as my lovely mum had seen it as… So we rush to gate number 4 and we were the only ones there and they were just about to close the gate as we went like we need to get on that plane! So they thankfully boarded us on the plane. It was pretty frustrating! And really hard running around with my heavy carry on! But i love travelling ahahah

  3. CNVideos says:

    The airport staff and security people know that some people are rushing to board their flights and will let you cut to the front if your flight is about to leave.

  4. mckayla hall says:

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