Things to Wear While Flying for Women : Smart Packing & Travel Tips

14 thoughts on “Things to Wear While Flying for Women : Smart Packing & Travel Tips

  1. Lane Johanson says:

    Nice pashmina but don't pack it into carry on..keep it on you …u can't go disturbing people when u get up and try to get your carryon
    I'd never take white anything
    I've had orange juice spilled on me by the stewardess
    Crisp white shirt looks like a wrinkly rag on long haul..impossible to sleep in..sorry but I don't agree with that tip
    Definitely pack spare clothes ..our luggage was delayed and we would have had to go buy a set of clothes

    My husband gets upgrades …not me lol

  2. JessieBanana says:

    I have to disagree about the boots. I wouldn't bring a pair of difficult to lace up or super tall boots that will cut off circulation, but a pair of booties or mid calf boots can be very comfortable. I often unzip/buckle/tie my boots prior to security and then they are super easy to step out of. I also don't think it's that hard to take off boots on the plane, unless you have some mobility issues. I always wear my boots and then pack lighter shoes.

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