Dubai Travel Guide

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  1. David C says:

    I love you videos! I'm stopping through Dubai on my way to kuala lumpur later this year. Have you been? Are you able to share any tips? If not please et over there and make another exception travel guide video!

  2. Nada Touma says:

    I lived there for 6 years and I can say Dubai is the most fake city in the world. It has no spirit. I am sure you felt that it looks so cool but in your heart something is bothering you. Yup. It has no spirit.
    They even pretend civilization but fine you if you eat in Ramadan. Pffff

  3. Anastasia B says:

    Question for you, Attache- if a female traveler will go to Dubai alone, will she have problems? As in, is it allowed or not allowed to be by herself without a male companion? (i know you guys didn't have that problem, but many people would be wondering). thanks~!

  4. Ice Cream Monster says:

    Hi Alex
    Thank you so much for the great video!
    As a first-time visitor, do you recommend that I stay in a hotel in Deira or on Sheihk Zayed Road?
    Which hotel (4-5 star) in each area do you recommend?

  5. Fate Destiny says:

    3:12 "for some reason it [metro] doesn't run on Friday mornings" lol. Dude I'm not a Muslim nor do I live in the Arab world, but even I know that it's the Muslim holy day, as apposed to the Christian holy day of Sunday. Plus they take religion seriously (on the outside anyway).

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