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  1. Gia Gia says:

    You need to specify the destinations that need to be visited! Put the names of the areas, please! I am considering a one month or two weeks vacation in South Korea do you think that it is possible to see all of that in one month?

  2. 세너제이 says:

    hello! I'm student in korea. it appear to be imprudent for me to assess your creation, but i want you to take a step.
    first of all, I think that this video emphasized the tradiotional beauty and people leading a life in korea.
    But It seems to be too vague and outdated to refer to the best video for real korea. as i am a client also taking advantage of your company to travel foreign country, i hope it to be updated likes other country.

  3. Kim Ellen says:

    Some Foreigners think that Korea was poor and week country. But It isn't.
    They have fantastic culture and history.
    They have 5000years history and they were really strong in East asia.
    Soo tried to invaded Goguryeo(Korean ancient country) But they failed and after this war, Soo became weak, and finally Soo was destroyed.
    Tang also tried to invade Goguryeo They fought almost for 100years But after the Yeon garsomun(Goguryeo's most powerful General) death Goguryeo was ruined by Tang too. But after that, Dae Jo Young erect the country named Balhae. But unfortunately Balhae was fallen by Khitan.
    Silla, Baekjae and Goguryeo, Gaya, Goryeo, Joseon, Gojoseon had very beautiful culture. Japan was affected by those ancient Korean culture. Aska culture which made Japanese culture to develop was from Gaya.
    Many ancient Korean moved to Japan and made inormous Temple in there.
    There are also little temple of ancient Korean people which was builted by Japanese.
    Mongol was very Powerful country. Many countries had invaded by Mongol. But Korean protected their country for 20years. Mongol also fought hard war.
    At last Goryeo was defeated.
    Actually Japan invaded Korea for 30years. Japanese did so many crime to Korean.
    Korean overcame it well.
    I want to explain about it more. But it's hard to say all of them.
    But I hope many foreigners know about Korea correctly.
    Koreans aren't weak. They are strong.

  4. minji kim says:

    +Expedia.com.au i am really sad that you guys did'ent put korea as one of the asia main countries…. i like expedia but the ignorance of korea its unexceptable… i will really appreciate to make korea the one of the attractions land in expedia… you know gagnam style , kpop, you know samsung or LG or hyundai??? It is all from korea! So please make korea as one the top asia country!

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