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  1. Jessica Permadi says:

    Helloo, I'm super late on this, but when you buy your travel insurance for separate tips across the years, isit beneficialstick to one company or can you pick and choose? (just asking because perhaps i find a different company that has cheaper services)

  2. Joe Cronin says:

    Great video. And remember to read the fine print on all insurance plans. There are often exclusions or limitations that can vary greatly from plan to plan. So if one plan costs dramatically less than another, there is probably a reason for it.

  3. ceciliaaaxiful says:

    For Australians- I use Compare the Market website for travel insurance, similar idea to the one you described (and often offers lower rates than going through the website directly) 

  4. YT4Me57 says:

    I began taking out travel insurance many years ago when I was in Aruba and met a woman in a wheelchair on her way to the airport. The FIRST day of her vacation, she slipped on a wet floor and broke her leg in several places, requiring her to return home for treatment (she is an American citizen). I don't know whether or not she had insurance, but when talking about it with someone from my hotel, I was advised to get travel insurance as a protection. It would be bad enough to be injured or sick, and have to cancel your vacation plans, but to lose your money on the trip as well?! smh. #nightmare

  5. ceciliaaaxiful says:

    Yes always talk about it more! I'm purchasing it for the very first time for my trip to Paris and I'm trying to figure out how to be covered if my purse gets stolen or my bag gets lost, with a little bit of emergency cover. I've never ever taken out any kind of insurance before so I'm really confused! 

  6. Funk Daddy says:

    I want to know about insuring my music instruments, computer, and equipment when I travel. How much would it cost, does it cover theft, damage, or loss? What are the best insurers for this type of coverage.
    Thank you

  7. Elaine Hon says:

    Hey Sonia, I love watching your clips and they are really useful. I wonder if you could make a video for how to pack for a 3-week business trip… I am going for such a trip later in September but seemed there are sooo many things to pack and I felt totally lost! It would be fantastic if you could provide some tips 🙂 Thanks so much!

  8. Kat Suma says:

    How about an insurance coverage provided by credit cards?
    I haven't bought any additional travel insurance since I knew the credit card insurance.

  9. mediamom521 says:

    Sonia, you're my girl 🙂  I learned about travel insurance the hard way. My husband had an appendicitis attack while on vacation and had to have emergency surgery. He couldn't travel for a week. An additional week of hotel, restaurant food and car rental was not in our vacation budget!! We have purchased travel insurance ever since.  One other tip: many travel insurance providers insist that you contact them "before" you do anything i.e. incur expenses like replacing lost luggage and clothes or seeing a doctor.  Another good website is  Lastly, some vacation package providers, like Disney, will offer travel insurance.  Ciao! 

  10. Brit Brit Travels says:

    Something I learned while interning at a travel agency is that some policies don't cover preexisting conditions if you don't purchase the insurance very soon after booking the trip…

  11. Corey Holmes says:

    I have a question im not sure if you would know but i am a us soldier and i am stationed in south korea trying to fly home for leave do you know any airlines that gimve military discounts i know about space A for military but i dont have the patience for that : ( if you can get back to me that would be great thanks

  12. irenavanillia says:

    If you are a european union citizen, then you are covered for travel cancellation etc, and you have a medical card that covers you in all member states. Everything is listed in the youreurope website 🙂 ! Love all ur videos !

  13. Casey Vee says:

    Read the policy carefully before you buy! I usually don't take travel insurance, because by the time you finish with all the exemptions, it is VERY unlikely to cover any event you will actually encounter! 

  14. Xelerinaia says:

    Can you do a video saying for what you pack 3 different cameras in the travels or if I can only pack one camera??
    And what do you think is the best camera for travel???

  15. Anna Mcarthur says:

    Hi Sonia, I would put it in even stronger terms than you do. If you can't afford travel insurance, particularly for international travel, you should not travel at all. So no insurance, no travel.

  16. Angela Christensen says:

    I just watched this video today and in about 2 hours I am leaving for a 10 day trip. I have never purchased travel insurance and I used the website, it was supper easy. I was wondering if there was a time that you had to purchase the insurance after you make your deposit for you trip (because I know some companies have that stipulation), I asked the lady on the live chat and she was really helpful. I really liked that I could even have the conversation emailed to me. I hope I don't have to use the insurance but it is nice to know it is there. THANK YOU for your tips, I love your channel.

  17. James Dingman says:

    Surprise! Surprise!  It was actually interesting!  And I really appreciate the tip about Squaremouth.  Having NEVER gotten trip insurance I now think there are times when I might.  Thank You Sonia!

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