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  1. Yanevernoinoz says:

    Thanks for the advice on adding a tip to the bill and that it should be 15%. Question ….. how much should I tip for services who do not have a bill for example, a porter or bell boy? Thanks

  2. Hannah Thomas says:

    Pay $34 to see the Sox play in Fenway Park. Even if it's totally impromptu you must do it if you're in Boston. It's the oldest park in America and you can get a seat in the bleachers for $30 like I said. Totally worth it because you really get that feel that you just can't explain. It's different then any other sporting event anywhere.

  3. griffin324 says:

    Some advice: don't comment or ask questions about the accent. It's a giant cliche at this point and most natives find it obnoxious. Also best pizza you will ever eat is at Santarpio's in East Boston.

  4. Mark Probets says:

    Really enjoy your travel guides.. Spot on. I'm from London and have visited many of the cities on your guide channel and it's always entertaining and informative. I'll be visiting Boston with a friend in May.. Thanks again…

  5. ahmed dawod says:

    man ruti chanai is southern indian dish not malaysian. its just the southern Indian immigrants brought it to malaysia and its served mostly at the indian mamak stores. penang island in malaysia is famous with Laksa as traditional dish

  6. Mum Blic says:

    I agree on the tipping part (tip yes, principle no). It's not the customer, but the employer that screws there people over. If the same thing happens in other countries, then we would use different words for that: exploitation and misleading advertising. Just add 20% to the price on price list and pay employees well. Problem solved!

  7. Nash Rougvie says:

    visit the suburbs. The Boston area is unique because of the way it developed, which is different from other parts of America. A lot of the suburbs developed at the same time as Boston, as opposed to developing as a result of Boston. this means that A lot of these surrounding cities have their own very unique culture and can be just as fun to explore as Boston. They are cheaper too, because they aren't as big as Boston. you can take the commuter rail to visit some of these places. I'd recommend: From South Station, Plymouth (Plymouth line), Quincy (Plymouth/ Kingston Line, as well as Braintree- bound red line trains) and from North Station: Salem (Rockport/ Newburyport line), Gloucester (Rockport line), and Newburyport (Newburyport Line). All of these places have a really vibrant restaurant scene and rich history. fares are about $10 per person on the commuter rail, and all of the cities are pretty walkable.

  8. seemlesslikelies says:

    I could not agree more with the drabness of Logan Airport, and I lived in the city for 30 years. As an international airport and being the hub for most Europeans traveling to the States, they need a massive, modern upgrade.

  9. My world of Branchyz says:

    Boston is great place, but come visit Sofia, Bulgaria 🙂 Eastern European city with varieties of activities (mainly cultural events). We are right in the middle of the Western and Eastern cultures.

  10. TravelsWithKelly says:

    Thanks for this video! We used your advice and took the Silver to South Station, then got the T right to our hotel. We mostly walked after that. We also booked Sunday brunch at Stephanie's on Newbury based on your recommendation, and didn't regret it. Of course, since I'm originally from the East Coast, Dunkin Donuts was a daily stop.(regular has always meant "with cream and sugar" to me!) My only regret is not getting to Clink for a drink. Next time.

  11. Andy Warhol says:

    forget tipping, tipping is out of control, couldn't disagree with you more. Not tipping isn't screwing anyone over – they've already been screwed over by their boss that doesn't pay them a reasonable wage. Plenty of places find tipping insulting in this world.

  12. Nicole Barlaan says:

    In Canada, we generally tip around what the tax amount was (13-15% depending on province), you can tip more, obviously. I oftentimes feel the need to tip higher in the US, as I hear the norm is 15-18%. It's a little annoying, but that's also partially because my CAD is worth so little at the moment ?. Also, come visit Toronto!!

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