ROME: Travel Guide – Top 10 THINGS to SEE and DO

39 thoughts on “ROME: Travel Guide – Top 10 THINGS to SEE and DO

  1. Martin Kent says:

    In Rome, many of the parents ignore traffic laws with their children and many of these parents are civil servants. Youth in Italy, deserve law-abiding, ethical and conscientious civil servants, their future actually depends upon it. Let's double traffic fines in capital cities and watch long overdue, law-abiding streets and adults appear, in Rome!!

  2. Martin Kent says:

    A Roma, molti dei genitori ignora lel leggi del traffico e molti di questi genitori sono dipendenti pubblici. Gioventu in Italia meritano rispettosi della legge, etiche e coscienziosi funzion ari, loro future in realta dipende da esso. Raddoppiamo multe per il traffico in citta capitali e attesa da tempo di orologio, adulti erispettosi della legge strade compaiono a Roma!!

  3. EElectric_M says:

    How can I manage to take an old lady who struggles to walk to the Vatican? I finally have the funds to take my great aunt but she's almost 90 years old and beat cancer last year. I don't know how friendly Rome is for disabled people, even though she can walk, I would have to take her on a wheelchair because she can't walk for such long distances. I don't know what to expect with this obstacle I am facing. I have NEVER traveled on an airplane, never done anything remotely similar, but I would really like to take her to the Vatican because she's a truly devoted Catholic. I really want her to see it with her own eyes and see the pope. I feel like the more I wait the more difficult it will be! HELP. HELP. HELP.

  4. Fabio Balenzano says:

    Of course we don't call them Spanish Steps in Rome!!! The stairs, built in the 17th century, are called Scalinata di Trinità dei Monti (staircase of Trinita' dei Monti, the name of the church on top of the staircase). The name of the square below is Piazza di Spagna (Spain Square), but Romans would never address the staircase as Spanish Steps. I wonder is it an American or a British invention

  5. M H says:

    This horror music scare chime divider in between segments is incredibly annoying and completely misplaced. I have no idea why anyone would put that there. You watch a nice travel video and want to dream about the place and then you get this horror movie sound? Weird.

  6. AndxRo says:

    the transition sound is horrible and the camera guy is obviously a perv.. also why do you keep making references to that damn movie?
    really bad

  7. Fayssal Mostefaoui says:

    There is so much to do and see in Rome that an entire week of sightseeing really wouldn’t be enough. That said, most people only have a week or two to explore Italy and a couple days to see all of Rome. I’ve created what I think is the perfect 2 day visit to Rome. This itinerary is designed with the first-time visitor in mind.

  8. Bruce Robertson says:

    Seen most of them and appreciate you putting them all up together with some background. Can't wait to get back to the eternal city, home of so many iconic sites that populate the mental landscape of so many westerners. Grazie. Ciao!

  9. olafursson kyllian says:

    All modern places of worship ???!!!! you are aware that there is more than one fucking religion on his planet aren't you ?
    Have you fucking seen the dome of Mecca , or Sofia in Turkey or the Mayans pyramids which predates rome for a few thousands years , Man your documentary or whatever you want to call this video is a fucking nightmare , never ever become a teacher ! what's next god created adam and eve ?

  10. olafursson kyllian says:

    And you fucking call yourself TV shinjuku, oh that's the Japanese vision of the world , now it explains everything . Japan thinks it influenced China and India and that what is not white or Japanese is naturally inferior . Lived in this country for nearly 30 years i would know.

  11. olafursson kyllian says:

    Most of the modern world owes shit to rome. rome owes everything to the Greeks the egyptians the sumerians etc . damn do your fucking homework before you open your shithole seriously man, you've just made a fucking fool of yourself . And how about the Hindus civilization, the Chinese Empire, are you fucking kidding us ? We owe more to the Asians and the middle eastern and greeks than we will ever owe to rome . Go back to school or use the fucking internet .

  12. Andrew Pippa says:

    Never mind 4K Italy comment: I enjoyed this mini tour very much and has whetted my appetite for my own trip next year. I will not be visiting 4K Italy's site due to negative comment….a real cheap shot.

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