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  1. Trygve K says:

    I have a few questions, I'd love to move to the Cook Islands someday, and I am just curious. Could anybody help me answer these?:

    -Would I need a Travel visa to enter the Cook Islands, if so, where do I apply, and who do I apply to? New Zealand or to the Cook Islands themselves?

    -Where could I possibly find a place to live? I'd need somewhere to stay, and if I were to move, I would probably want an apartment.

    -Could any education acquired in Norway be used in the Cook Islands? I have heard alot about international education differences. An example could be, let's say you take an education to become a doctor in Hungary, but the qualifications needed fulfilled to become a doctor in Hungary is not the same as the qualifications needed to become a doctor in Norway. I don't want to finish my education here in Norway, apply for a job in the Cook Islands, and find out that I don't meet the demands for a certain job, even though I woulf fulfill the demands for that job if I applied in Norway.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. neyab wisdom says:

    7 500 000 000 people on earth in 2016 + 1 000 000 000 every decade.
    Believe it or not …..too many people ,even in these islands to keep this world full of wild life.

  3. tanza eve says:

    wow. so beautiful. unfortunately, im not really a beach bum. i like being in place where i can find almost everything,not only beaches. but that is very beautiful beaches, probably the best i've seen so far.

  4. Mike Christiaan says:

    I personally have a problem with it when they say "James Cook was the first european to discover these islands" because when they say that they are supporting European supremacy, like what is this?! Why dont they say the first person from China, or Australia, or even South america. WHy they have to name it after cook? European supremacy ugh.

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