Moscow travel guide (Russia)

30 thoughts on “Moscow travel guide (Russia)

  1. 1957khartung says:

    Great video. Been there several times. You point out what really needs to be seen while visiting. I would have mentioned that the glass domes that are near the street in front of the entrance to Red Square is a 3 level HUGE under ground mall. Pricey but cool to see. Thanks. Also at the Izmailovo park/tourist flea market and old style buildings, at Partinskya metro station is the Izmailovo Gamma Delta hotel, as well as the Vega etc. Huge complex built for the 1980 Olympics. Huge, safe, cheap and so on. Hotel is on the dark blue metro line, that is a straight shot with out changing metro cars to Red Square. About 15 minutes travel time.

  2. sun tzu says:

    Well Russian men are not dalbayob or faggots or gays, but if there are no women around they Fuck or Jebat each other or do it each other in the ass, be careful to walk during the night you better guard your ass it will end up on a gang rape. PISDETS hahaha.

  3. trash can says:

    I hate how tourism videos only market to adventurous hippies (adventurous people who like nature and other cool shit)…
    Where are the clubs at? What's the music scene like? How bad does traffic get? What sporting events should I get drunk at? c'mon we need to know these things… What amusement parks/theme parks should I ralf at?
    is there an underground fight scene in Moscow or anywhere else? Where can i go to shoot some cool guns at? what are some good trails to ride on/backpacking-ish/camp at?

  4. i love my india says:

    russian people are extremely friendly.
    🙂 they're amazing,
    i want to visit russia but have no money but i'll definetely go there someday.
    i really don't know how Indians are treated in russia.
    do russians treat indians well?

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