9 Travel Tips for Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City)

47 thoughts on “9 Travel Tips for Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City)

  1. Zeeshan Mazahir says:

    Hi Joyce, I am visiting Ho Chi minh on 7th May 2017. this is the first time um visiting Vietnam. Your video is good enough to guide. Thanks. I will contact you if needed.

  2. For91Days says:

    We're here now for over a month (not as long as you) but our experiences are bit difference.


    We would never ever wave down a cab or a random bike driver. We always use Grab and Uber. Every single time. Set prices and you pay just with your credit cards. Even arriving or getting to the airport. The hassle with cab drivers is just not worth it. We use mostly Grab Bike Taxis


    We're so happy we're not staying in District 1 or even worse near the backpacker district. You get zero sense for the city and everything in that area costs you at least 3 times more. We're staying right across the river / zoo in District Bin Thanh. It's a super local and fun neighborhood. Tons of incredible street food and cafes. And you're still super close to everything (especially using grab or uber)


    Saigon is super connected and the internet is even faster than back home in Spain. We would still recommend getting Sim Cards. It's so cheap (10 GB for less than 10 USD per month) mainly so you can order your Grab and Uber. Also the great internet even extents outside the cit . Great internet in little homestays in the Mekong Delta.


    So far we never ever had problems breaking bigger bills.


    Never ever just cross the road without paying attention. It's true traffic will flow around you but always pay attention and react accordingly. So stopping or taking a step backwards is not stupid… if it saves your life! You never know! Please always pat attention. The worst advice I have heard is to not even look (close your eyes!!!!).


    European plugs will work most of the time too!


    I honestly feel safer outside of District #1. In District one as a foreigner you'll will be targeted.

    Just our two cents 🙂

  3. Zayithowitis says:

    Hey, I LOVED your video and it's my very first time coming in May, but Im very 'nervous' as people say it's not as safe anymore. Do you still live in Saigon and if you're free in May and I'm about Please say hi!!!! :D?

  4. Hugh Knot Cares says:

    Please advise that RED LIGHTS only apply to 98% of the motor bikes! You seem to be offering good advice. The NOT using cell phone on st would only apply to SMART PHONES! I'm sure you'll be safe using a DUMB PHONE! Don't wander with camera hanging off your back or side. Also don't open a map in the open – mb men will pile up to offer to take you where you want to go for 4 times what the taxi would charge! I've been VN twice struck a little bother. No hold ups, mainly overcharging & a con job.

  5. Dean Duncan says:

    Hi Joyce I just got back from Saigon. I had a great holiday. I stayed at first hotel about 25 mins from district 1. It was a 4 star hotel which seem to have a lot of locals going there. They charge about $60 us per night and provide transport to an from the airport for free. As this was my first trip to Vietnam I booked everything from home Australia , but found that it would have been cheaper not to. Next time I go I would like to do the coastline do you have any tips for travelling down the coast.??

  6. moosian says:

    I just came back from Ho Chi Minh city last week, I had a great time! I was amused when people would stare at me (I'm 6' 3") One mother even brought her child over to meet me and gawk at my height.

  7. Maureen Bentley says:

    Thank you Joyce for your prompt reply are the Binh Tay markets near cbd . Am a senior person and going with my friend of the same age what suggestions have you got for me to do there.I love looking around markets or shopping centres. Thanking You

  8. dani says:

    hi Joyce. thank you for posting this video. I'm travelling to Vietnam this Sept. and I was wondering how much and what money denominations I should be carrying considering if I'm taking the bus/taxis and trying almost every street food that I could eat. please advise. thank you. xx

  9. yosef craig says:

    Hi Ms. Joyce, I will be travelling to HCMC by the end of July. I would like to know if there are tourist agency that I can go to join the Sand Dunes tour? Thank you. (your video is very informative!)

  10. Teia Koi says:

    Awesome video!!! Please do more about Saigon. Love to see the tip on where to eat, from street food to restaurant. Please more videos!!! Thanks

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