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  1. Johan's Lab says:

    Can't believe nobody has mentioned Fairwood and Maxim's MX restaurants. They are two great local fast food chains. Tasty food and affordable prices, 25-40 HKD for a meal.

  2. Christopher Lee says:

    I'm from Hong Kong, and glad that you enjoyed this place. Few tips that I want to share with you if you are coming again,
    1. The MTR South Island Line has just opened and it connects the South of Hong Kong Island (which used to take a long time to get to) to the CBD with a 11mins train ride. There are some cheap accommodations along the line, including one called Bridal Tea House in Ap Lei Chau, right next to the MTR exit, costing around HKD260 for a night, although space would be a bit tight there.
    2. Don't use the Airport Express. While most airport railway in other major cities is usually twice the price of the paralleling commuter line, the Hong Kong Airport Express is almost 5 times as expensive as the paralleling commuter line, called Tung Chung Line. So what you could do is to take the Tung Chung Line to Tung Chung, then change to the bus route S1 to connect to the Airport. It totally costs a quarter as much as the Airport Express and will take you probably 15 mins more. You can also use airport buses which costs a bit less than half as much. It offers a more point to point service.
    3. Taxis are most of the time cheaper than uber (though not by a lot), but just make sure the drivers charge you by the metre, some tsxi drivers scam on tourists. If you mind this, then take uber, it' may be safer for you.
    4. Try hiking in Hong Kong. Because of the rather peculiar city planning, the countryside sits right next to the hustle and bustle of the city centre as if there's an imaginary border drawn between them. It is very convenient to visit the country parks of Hong Kong.

  3. Ruby Joséphine Trần says:

    She sounded really poor. She kept complaining about hk being expensive. hk cost of living is comparable to that of London. it's not that crazily expensive. she is just really used to living in third-world poor countries like Thailand Thailand and Thailand. she should just go back to Thailand and stop complaining about hk being expensive. I used to live in hk, bought two flats there never thought it was expensive

  4. qweqwehl says:

    I mean, Hong Kong is really really small
    the reason that you feel that hong kong is huge is because the city is so dense, it is filled up with people and shops and buildings

    tbh, as a hongkonger, i don't think hong kong is a super expensive place if you know how to choose the right shops and area to visit

    anyway, welcome to hong kong and hope you enjoy the time here!

  5. Kevin Wong says:

    Hong Kong is comparable as Dubai quite Expensive. It's number 2 Ranking in In Top 10 List of bleep bleep bleep ….
    Lucky number 1 is Singapore in Asia.

    However I can still say Loud & Proudly being a Cantonese/HK people from abroad lolz:) We all Luv HK & Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee…C*Mon:) Shop 'till you Drop & the fine Dining etc etc….

    HK Dollar is fixed to US Dollars so when the one is up the other is also up:)


    (Opinion from Hongkongers)
    For the locals, we usually take the bus or taxi to the airport just because the mtr is too expensive for us (around 100 for the single trip if I remember correctly)
    For the food, yes I can say that the food in the tourist spot, or you can say the main urban area is SOOOO expensive. However, it's different in some 'relatively remote' areas like Tin Hau, Kowloon Bay, I think the food there would be much more affordable for all of you, including myself.

  7. pas7680 says:

    yup, going to HK for CNY2017 and my airbnb for a week is costing more than the flights from the UK!! twice as expensive as my usual trips to Tokyo.

  8. leography says:

    When I was in HKG we stayed in a twin room in The Mei Ho House, it's a hostel. We payed 555 HKD per night, that's 67 € or 56£. It wasn't really like a hostel, more like a simple hotel room. Modern, clean, enough space, a tv… the bathroom was also very nice, big and comfy shower cubicle. There is also a breakfast included, it was the only thing that wasn't that great ^^

  9. Pom Tk says:

    When I went to HK I booked what I though was a good priced small room, in the Indian getto lol! I had the same experience with the shower and toilet. I also from Bangkok and it was so quite a lot money.

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