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  1. Daniyal Ali Obaid says:

    I really LOVE Tokyo, Japan especially at Kabukicho. I really like Japanese girls, the neon lights, the city side and stuff like that… I would love to go back to Tokyo… The only thing I don't I like in Japan is the food.

  2. Chuyên Gia Trần says:

    I went to Tokyo recently.
    After going there, I watched this video again. I found a lot of precious images and remembered good memory of Tokyo and good Japanese Poeple. I want to go back to Japan again. I love Sakura.

  3. Melisa says:

    I lived in Japan near Tokyo for almost 6 months as an exchange student. I sometimes used go to the Meijii Shrine right after the school for a little refreshment. It's wonderful to see the places I loved visiting in the video.I have been to Kyoto and Okinawa too but Tokyo is by far my favorite city. I hope to go there again soon!

  4. liliana bortolin says:

    I always wanted to go to Tokio…and then I listened to the horror war stories from corean friends…and of course there is the whales issue..sorry I dont believe your video…definitely not nice people…..

  5. moyera agarwal says:

    I have been to Japan ( Okinawa and Sasebo) and my visit for just amazing! The people there are so polite amd helpful. Also, you get to see a lot of new stuff. After watching this video, how badly do I want to visit tokyo. Live there. Cuddle with those cuts babies.

  6. Waqas Muhammad says:

    Japan is the country that taught me that if you stick to your language and roots you can prosper.Its not essential to follow Americans and English to be successful in the world.Long Live Japan and its durable tycoons

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