Travel Tips: Packing Hacks, Tips & Essentials

38 thoughts on “Travel Tips: Packing Hacks, Tips & Essentials

  1. Petra44YT says:

    No, you can NOT hand wash clothes at the sink. You won't have the time. Sometimes, you won't stay in the same place long enough. And they never seem to get really clean. You'll just spend half an hour every day doing something that you probably hate, and you'll wear crumpled, moist and still smelly clothing.

  2. Just Me says:

    Cotton is the best clothing material. Your Skin breaths through it and it's just comfortable. It doesn't take as much space as synthetic materials either. Why are you guys saying the opposite?

  3. Pedro Ramos says:

    Going Backpacking tru Europe for the first time ever with my wife and honestly kinda scare but exited at the same time. Any suggestion only thing I'm a lil weird about is staying at a Hostel never done this before so don't judge me lol. Anyways super hyped for this

  4. Aaron Hartje says:

    I'm seeing a lot of "you NEED to wear cotton" comments. Remember the entire picture here. You want clothing that will dry overnight regardless of where you are. Go to a humid climate and that cotton shirt you sweat through during the day is never going to dry.  You're just going to be putting damp clothing on again in the morning.

  5. tomy34188 says:

    This video is about featured clothing from Patagonia, La-Paz, Rip Curl, Ex Officio, Sanuc Vagabond and MSR.
    There are no essentials. There are no tips. There are no hacks.
    I thought this might be useful. Instead I wasted my time with an intelligent 4:50 min advertisement. Thanks for nothing.

  6. Terry Couch says:

    Hey vaga viewers, I'm planning my own Europe trip 2017 September-October (4-6weeks). I'm looking for one
    or a few like minded travelers to join me. If not, I'll be going solo. I reached out to the bros and they suggested that I try to find some folks via their YouTube comment section. If your interested, email me couch910atgmail
    Budget-3500-5000 (usd)
    Places- Paris, Berlin,Munich,Rome,etc

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