Hong Kong Travel Guide

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  1. Apiwe March eleven says:

    Funny that I stayed at the Icon Hotel when I was in Hong Kong a year ago. The best service and that complimentary cellphone was the best feature… honestly can't imagine otherwise. Unfortunately I was only in Hong Kong for 3 days and for work. Can't wait to go back on my own one day.

  2. Charles Johnson says:

    I can only agree with you, HK is an unbelievably fantastic city. Been there 4 times for work visits but finally go there in 2 weeks for 8 full days of vacation and I can´t wait to get there and finally do some serious sightseeing!!

  3. Tone Pro says:

    Where is the recommended area of Hong Kong to stay? WHere most things are in walking distance, and or say the center of all things? I watched another video that said "Central"..

  4. Roshan Mulla says:

    Hi…I recently subscribed you channel and really liked the way you present the show. Also the camera work is awesome. Please include some must visit place for any city.

  5. forever0042000 says:

    i love every asian country i been to. they are developed way better than any western country. dubia qatar and istanbul are my next fav but presently facing the galway rain….. so.

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