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  1. dee astley says:

    Visited there for the first time last August. Didn't mind it. Downtown is pretty neat and easy to walk around near that CN tower and rogers place area. Feel like I missed out on a lot though. When I go back I'll take a more serious approach to downtown.

  2. Looking From_Afar says:

    I want to take my family for a visit….anyone know what the murder rate is?. I heard they were getting up with the gang violence and from what I have read it's not safe to go out in the evening anymore. Anyone?

  3. mike mikey says:

    i live in Toronto and im fucking miserable,
    cold, boring, expensive, horrible women,unfriendly people, no culture,
    bad drivers and terrible expensive public transit,
    i truly wish i could move to Spain,
    please, anyone wanna trade passport with me?

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