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  1. MC Dibbern says:

    Just back yesterday. FABULOUS! Just go. Took me 25 years but totally worth it. A propos pickpockets.Actually the police seem to be on to this. A visible police presence , although not oppressive.Beggars and buskers are constantly on the lookout since they will be busted. So you don't get hassled too much. As with any tourist city, just be aware.Otherwise perfect!

  2. Mark Rowsey says:

    Thanks for this great video! Watched it before and after going to Barcelona (a week ago) and your tips came in super handy. Barcelona is a wonderful city and I am so happy we went.
    I also did try the CBO (because I watched this video) at the same McDonald's (I actually sat in the same seat you did in the video – not because I'm creepy but because the restaurant was crowded and it was the only one available…lol), and the CBO was AMAZING!
    Keep up the great work!

  3. Iker Berasategui says:

    The best food gastronomical city/CA in Spain is the Basque country. (Trust me I'm basque) Second, flamenco is originally from Andalusia, that's southern Spain. I do NOT recommend anybody to go see a flamenco show in Catalonia, or any region outside Andalusia (it a tourist trap, locals like myself hate it!), instead you can go a see the traditional folklore such as Sardana, what about the human castell? it's amazing!…same thing if you ever come to the basque country……which is by the way the most beautiful C.A 😛

  4. Emily Flowers says:

    I live in Barcelona. Prices are a bit off. A 10 pack metro ticket costs a little less than 10euro (9.95). A coffee costs 1.30 (unless you're in a more touristy part and can expect to pay upwards of 1.90). A good glass of red wine is between 2.50-3.50. A good gauge of whether or not a place is touristy is it's price on patatas bravas. If it's more than 4 euro could be a sign! Also try to eat away from the ramblas. It's the worst quality and known for it's places that only cater to the tourists.

  5. Alpine.Trails says:

    I liked your video but when you said Mc is awesome you lost me.. I'd have to starve for a few days before I'll eat there. why would you eat such unhealthy food when you are in Barcelona, and not only?!

  6. bedajh says:


    I just got back from my trip in Barcelona in November 2016.

    You can get to to Passaig de Garcia for 1Euro on the Rodalies train departing from Terminal 2B.

    There is a free airpot shuttle to Terminal 2B. You can purchase the 10 (train) trips for 9.95 Euro from the machine at the train station. This ticket can be used on the Rodalies train and the Barcelona city subway.

    The 10 trip ticket is also a multiperson ticket, meaning you can share this train ticket with your friends (or travel group).

    In my opinion this is the cheapest way to get to Passaig de Garcia ( Barcelona city centre).

  7. gigi garzuly says:

    yes! too much starbucks and mc donald talk…what about "la bodeguita del medio"? and "paco meralgo!? old, legendary restaurants down town in the barrio gotico? the beach restaurants and it´s specialities?the great bars, and really good nighlife?nah, this episode left out a lot of things. i just LOVED your beirut episode, by the way! it is my city, and – boy you missed a lot…do a repeat 🙂

  8. Adrienne Allen says:

    I just went to Barcelona ….maybe it was because I went during the off season (October) but pickpockets were nothing to worry about even as a female solo-traveller. Just as safe as NYC, London, or Paris, don't be a moron and pay attention to your surroundings. In fact, I had an amazing time. Don't be intimated by all the pickpocket hype!

  9. fred moreno says:

    As an american that moved to Barcelona a month ago, I cannot tell you how accurate your videos is. My wife and I are also watching your Paris and London Videos since we are going there soon. Gracias!

  10. Bernardo Buffa says:

    flamenco is gyspy music from Andalucía, not catalan music. Catalonia received a lot of inmigration from Andalucía in the XX century. Catalan folklor are the so called sardanas, they sound very different compared to flamenco's sounds

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