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  1. Flibbertgiblet says:

    Hai sis, idk where i can personally ask you to be honest. But i really want to know how u plan ure trip to london. Only london, im suck at this stuff but i hope u can give me all the exact details like the flight price, place to stay and everything else. I hope u could help me. Thank you.

  2. Pearl Myra says:

    hai kak putri!! nice advice really!! ?? i want to ask one question. how you buy phone Internet and call all those stuff kat oversea? hehehe.. it's kinda pricey. maybe there's more convenient way to buy that.. heheeh thankss again kak putri!!

  3. IcedCupcakes says:

    To be honest, traveling solo is not as fun as people might think. All the stress is on you, but when you travel in a group or at least with a friend, you get to share the stress and it's fun. You worry more than you have fun when you travel alone. So yeah forget that traveling solo goals hype. I think it's a load of crap. I'm not discouraging anyone though, it's a good experience nevertheless. Personally, I wouldn't do it again, not fun as traveling with friends. But I don't regret it, learned a lot.

  4. Nabilah Nabil says:

    its funny how I found the shawl to be not so pretty before…I mean ppl used to call it banana shawl..but u totally pulled out this look fabulously…I even think I might reconsider buying one..I love ur personality…

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