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  1. Kkkashif Sayyad says:

    اللُّهم ارفعني عن مَن لا يعرف قدري،
    وأرفعني بأخلاقي،ولا تجعل في قلبي حُب لِمَن لا يُحبّني،
    ولا تجعل بقلبي أحداً سواك،وأغنني بِك عن العالمين❤

  2. Edgar Guzman says:

    Amazing country!! I had the opportunity to work there for 1 year and visit it again for vacations with my wife a couple of years ago! Thanks to EXPEDIA for this video! It really captures SINGAPORE! Big hug to all Singaporeans from LEON MEXICO!

  3. Tazz says:

    Just went there a moth ago and this is making me really sad that I'm not there now and I'm back in New Zealand where I live. I love Singapore

  4. Tiger H. Lore says:

    I read all these adoring reviews for Singapore. But so little character. Methinks some of these reviews are fake. Tell me Singaporeans: what is one unique thing you love about Singapore? And what is one thing you hate about Singapore? There seems to be tons of Sing natives watching tourism videos about their country. I hope to get maybe one genuine reply. ?

  5. ashish odedra says:

    this video and the research behind pretty much encapsulates what Singapore is about! Only thing missing would probably be our HDB flats and neighbourhoods, and the coffeeshops and markets many locals hang out at too!

  6. Emily Cdj says:

    Try all these food in Singapore
    Chicken rice,chili crab,satay,sugarcane drink,durian(not everyone will like it),rojak,laksa,bak ku tei.For the best experience,go to hawker centers to try these food:)

  7. Philip Hobson says:

    One of my favorite places in the world….I have 3 nights there in Oct 17. Love the riverside restaurants at Boat Quay and the bustling nightlife @ Clarke Quay. Will definately do an evening in Gardens by the Bay this time, and put on about a stone in weight haha.

  8. Spice Girls Net says:

    Singapore is one of the best places in the world. I went there in 2012 and it's beautiful. The people are friendly, the city is compact, clean, everything is efficient and I learnt a lot there. I cannot wait to go back. One day…. 🙂

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