How Do I Travel Often?! // Tips, Tricks & Dealing with Anxiety

44 thoughts on “How Do I Travel Often?! // Tips, Tricks & Dealing with Anxiety

  1. Adam McCrow says:

    Your 20's are not the only time to focus on travelling.  I hope that you make it a life long endeavor!  Travelling the world connects us all, breaks down the barriers and borders between us, and continues to enrich the human experience.  Keep your enthusiasm.  It's contagious!  Like you, I believe travelling is absolutely worth saving for and doing whatever can be done to make a trip work out.  I can def do without the takeoffs and turbulence as well.  Ugh….  Next week we are off to Barcelona, Valletta, Palermo, Rome, Florence, Monte Carlo, Marseille, Palma, and Valencia.  Time to hop around the Mediterranean.  Tapas Time!!!!!!     🙂  If we ever bump into you guys around this big blue marble the first virgin pina colada is on us.

  2. loveforfarmiga says:

    As a greek person,Santorini is the place you wanna go there with your boyfriend and not your family. Like if you go with your family that is totally okay and cool,but it is better to go there with your boyfriend and friends or just boyfriend as it is one of the most romantic places on earth. I have never been there but i will go one day. I'm not speaking from personal experience,but i have a lot of friends and people who've agreed on this.

  3. Carolina Ruiz Silva says:

    You should really come to Argentina, there is a lot of places, Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Cataratas del Iguazu, Glaciar Perito Moreno, Calafate. And if you come to Buenos Aires, you should really check my store called QIU URBANO LEATHER.

  4. Kay Flip says:

    LOL, so all of your 18 year old viewers are booking some luxury hotel in Santorini because you did a vlog? How dumb do you think we are? You're not exactly Beyonce, lol.

  5. Claudia Johnson says:

    So basically.. The only way for us to be able to travel is become social media famous.. And sponsor people. I would love to do that. But not everyone can afford the clothes and videos ?

  6. Liseth Moreno says:

    Watching so many traveling videos lol I've never travel but I will be in summer 2017 so I'm learning ahaha. If anyone has any other helpful videos please link me to it 🙂

  7. Joanna Lopez Hernandez says:

    Being able to travel for a living is my dream!! You said that you get many offers from hotels and such, so how do you choose where you want to go? And when are you going to Bali? I just recently rejected a full scholarship to study abroad in Indonesia for a year (for personal reasons:( but accepted another to go to Cyprus for the summer! So excited!

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