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  1. Darius Robbins says:

    If you love scenery, good looking people, luxurious vibes and opportunity then come to L.A. Everyone complains about the cost of living.. well California is a gold mine, also it cost to live on a natural beautiful land state and to be around world wide super stars! Get y'alls money up! Lmao I love L.A. ???????

  2. starview1 says:

    The california votes against trump came from the coastal cities, the majority of the counties voted for trump. Good reason to cancel vacation plans to LA,San Fran and San Diego .

  3. Official LoicTV says:

    Hi am going to Los Angeles this summer with My mom mother and son time all summer we are going to Hollywood los angeles and Santa Monica I have never been there I am very excited and even better we are going there with an Amtrak train

  4. Néo Bourgeois Montecito says:

    LA home of the poors. Poor people need a hammer to the back of the head, to give their cerebellum a jump start. They are so cruel. Not much to see in LA besides the human zoo in DTLA. A lot more entertaining then Maasai Mara in Kenya in fact. Pet a meth addict and feed it like a lion cub.

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