Travel Guide ❤︎ My Essentials + How To Pack!

31 thoughts on “Travel Guide ❤︎ My Essentials + How To Pack!

  1. Karlee jons says:

    Plz stop throwing everything into the air when you're showing it! No hate just a friendly suggestion, it's a little distracting when trying to watch the video 🙂

  2. Jocelyn Valero says:

    It not a terrible blogger Emma, I love ur blogs and I was hoping u will do more
    Ur beautiful, wonderful, gorgeous, talented, etc, etc, etc <3


  3. Christine O'Bert says:

    I love this video??. The world needs more people like Emma. Fun, positive, creative, unique, and sweet. She clearly spends a ton of time on her videos and doesn't deserve to have negative comments. Keep up the good work Em!

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