Airport 101 – Travel Tips

12 thoughts on “Airport 101 – Travel Tips

  1. Will Smith says:

    Lol…Great vid….here's a tip…. if you are flying with Spirit you can go directly to the airport and purchase a ticket and often save over $40, so if you live close go try it out

  2. xotwod_ says:

    I've traveled on a plane before, but it was always with my parents so they did everything, I have no clue how things would work if I traveled alone. Can you give me a step by step procedure?

  3. Jashmin Salazar says:

    always weight your luggage before going to the airport. you don't want to open your luggage and re-arrange your stuff for everyone in the airport to see. and you get to save money by avoiding those exorbitant excess luggage charges.

  4. My2ndnephew says:

    Good advice. I hate flying anymore because of the stress and crowds, but if I have to travel I like to make it as simple as possible, so I take the train or drive if it's fairly close.

  5. Vic L says:

    1. One time I went on holiday on my own and was dropped off at the airport 4 hours early, which was 4 hours way too early… the longest 4 hours ever

    2. Have you ever walked fast on one of those moving conveyor belt things and carried on walking fast after you walked off it and everything feels weird like in slow motion

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