Backpacking across Pakistan; The Ultimate Adventure Travel Destination

28 thoughts on “Backpacking across Pakistan; The Ultimate Adventure Travel Destination

  1. Vision Hawk says:

    Thanks bro for coming to Pakistan, do come again I totally agree with the hospitable people part they don`t even care if you have money or not when it comes to the local people you might be getting free meals and trips all over the place.

  2. Rameez Ahmed says:

    Hey! I'm a Pakistani! Thank you for visiting and please come again!
    Amazing video, apparently you have visited parts of my country even I haven't been to! Much love from Pakistan <3 !

  3. MrTraveller69 says:

    Hey Will,
    I'm Robin World Traveller, 15yrs travel to 74 Countries so far. I was planning a Papua New Guinea to Bethlehem overland trip
    Across Asia & found your U.K to PNG vid the month before you left. I'v been curious of your travels & often check for your videos. Any updates on what you've been doing on your travels & what's next will be appreciated.
    Cheers Brother, Robin

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