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  1. Rob G says:

    Hey Alex and Greg

    I'm going to Tokyo in a couple months and I'd really appreciate it if you could tell me where you got your Kobe beef from?

    Much Love.


  2. jjammom says:

    Can confirm what others said about 7-Eleven being open in time for a good, early breakfast!
    I am in Tokyo at this moment and I plan to be there shortly myself!
    Surprisingly good food at a decent price!
    Thanks for posting this entertaining and informative video!
    Well done!

  3. peerkbh says:

    Thanks for a very useful vlog. We are thinking of going, and are in the research stage. Your video has inspired us to go to Tokyo as soon as possible

  4. Diana Grace says:

    This was an awesome video, thanks for sharing! My boyfriend and I were in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and Hiroshima last year, we spent three weeks in Japan. It was so amazing, the best vacation so far! I miss Japan even more now after watching your video. Hope you will go to Seoul, Korea one day and make a video about it ^^ (I subscribed)

  5. Zipp4Everyone says:

    Friendly tips:

    Get a cheap breakfast and evening dinner and spend your money on Lunch as thats egenrally when most shops lower their prices to accommodate for salary men.

    Get a coin purse! Im not kidding. Since the Japanese have coins as big as Y500 (and yes, down to at least 10 or maybe even 1Y) your wallet just wont know how to deal with it all. Besides, its not seen as being feminine if you rock up with a coin purse (what i know of since i got one with crocodile skin-imitation from a local 100Y shop).

    Dont be loud (unless at a matsuri or singing karaoke). Stand on the left side of escalators to allow people in a hurry to get past. And dont smoke just anywhere as doing that in Tokyo will net you a hefty fine! The same with littering!

    Try to get a hotell close to a station on the Yamanote-Line as its the best line for anyone that wants to get around Tokyos most famous districts (it makes a loop around the town and connects with the biggest stations for quick and easy transfers). Minato-ku is a good area imo as its quiet and depending on where you live there, you'll be very close to the yamanote Line.

    Also, as he said: Cash really is King!

  6. Zipp4Everyone says:

    Also, Dont Speak Loudly On The Tram! Or even at all unless you have to. Its a quiet area where you're supposed to be able to sleep or just relax if you have to and its very disrespectful to the people around you to be a nuisance in that space. The same is true for buses and trains too.

  7. Zipp4Everyone says:

    My favourite fun way of getting into Tokyo from Narita; Buss. There are small busses that cost very little and gives you a nice view of the road between Narita and Tokyo. They often stop at Tokyo Station too so you wont have to walk far to get to the biggest(?) station hub in Tokyo.

    This way you also get to see the immense density of Tokyo growing from nothing to "OMG there are only buildings…. everywhere!" which to me is an unforgettable experience in its own right.

  8. minkdevil says:

    I used a Suica card when I was in Japan in 2013. Im going back this year and I still have the same one, can I still use it when I go or should I buy a new one? Im not sure if theres money on it lol

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