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  1. Allan Cerf says:

    There are the architectural wonders of Russia. Magnificent. The various Moscow circuses – DA! There is great shopping and unending things to do.

    Fine. 3 words: devochka, devochka, devochka.

  2. Kaamdev - The passionate lover says:

    Why Russia has low GDP than some of the much smaller European countries despite being such a large country, a High HDI nation, a country with Scientific values with such a robust space industry, a robust defence industry, a nation which provides very affordable education to its citizens, a nation with league of billionaires.
    WHY ??

  3. Melkor788 says:

    It is very great to watch my beloved sity, which I as a Moscovian have visited very musch from this perspective. Valleys and museums is so great and beatiful, and that feeling of memories coming back.. Thanks to you for making this video)

    For example at the scene in Victory park, at 2:45 you can see the Monument for Russian heroes of First World War, opened two years ago in autumn/ I with my university friends were right there at the ceremony, and it was wonderful-fresh air and clear sky, orchestra playing, Honor Guard marching before us..

    after all, please wisit Moscow and feel welcome into our Great Sity!

  4. andro andro says:

    I intended to visit russia this summer and I was wondering if I could
    ask native russians for some tips on which city/area should I visit (I'm
    particularly interested in arhitecture, history and culture). I looked
    online but I wanted to ask you guys in case you know some hidden gems
    because a trip to Moscow or St. Petersburg would be too expensive for my
    budget as a student.
    Thanks for your answers and many warm greetings to my russian friends
    and a happy and successful new year 2017. 🙂
    Извините, но я должен был использовать Google Translate так что перевод
    не может быть точным:
    Я намерен посетить Россию этим летом, и мне было интересно, если я мог
    бы попросить родных русских за несколько советов о том, какой город /
    район я должен посетить (Я особенно заинтересован в АРХИТЕКТУРА, истории
    и культуры). Я посмотрел в Интернете, но я хотел бы спросить вас,
    ребята, в случае, если вы знаете, некоторые скрытые драгоценные камни,
    потому что поездка в Москву или Санкт-Петербурге было бы слишком дорого
    для моего бюджета в качестве студента. Спасибо за ваши ответы и много
    теплых поздравлений моим русским друзьям и счастливого и успешного
    нового 2017 года.

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