30 thoughts on “Travel Hacks : Tips and Tricks when Traveling ✈

  1. Jennifer Jones says:

    Great video! I'm new to this channel…
    Would you mind checking out my travel related videos if you get a chance?
    I make new videos 2 times a week!
    I have 9 countries planned to visit within the next year ?
    I'm also doing vlogmas!

  2. Joseph Remulta says:

    Good thing my friend told me to use Zensufu Compression socks for better leg blood circulation. Whenever I travel, my legs and feet hurts all the time because of the walking and standing activities.

  3. Ghaania Usman says:

    I'm going to Turkey in EIGHT DAYS! I'm going on the 22nd of May. this helped a lot.
    p.s if you know any good tourist attractions in Turkey, Istanbul, please tell me. I'd be very glad!
    xx, G?

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