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  1. RedRose says:

    Within  the last few months I found more than 20  4-petal-calve leaves in different places and  I was wonder why this was happening. I've never been in Ireland, never thought about it, and didn't know this legend originates from this country. I can't believe now I am going have to be heading to Ireland for my training after a long term disappointment in my life.

  2. Cáca Milis sa Seomra Spraoi says:

    I love Dublin cos it's bloody honest. There's no other capital city in the world that'll grab you by the collar, shake you and ask you for coupla euro for a can or two. Where Paris and London exile their homeless people out of the centre to "clean it up" for the tourists, Dublin won't. You can be sure to find a few friendly stabbings if you venture a few streets away from O'Connell Street down to Summerhill, for example. Have fun.

  3. OK Test says:

    I went there this month and Dublin is a beautiful place, I also visited Howth (Summit) and Malahide. And Irish people are The nicest people Ive ever met. You feel at home there. <3

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