Thailand Travel Guide: What to do in, Top Places Visit See, Best Vlog Blog 16 Video tips Vacation

32 thoughts on “Thailand Travel Guide: What to do in, Top Places Visit See, Best Vlog Blog 16 Video tips Vacation

  1. Ashley Rhee says:

    Would you say the tiger and elephant experiences were ethical? I have a trip to Thailand in January but am staying away from any elephant "sanctuaries" and trekking. I mean I'd love to ride an elephant, but not when theres a person whipping/hitting the elephant right next to me. Thanks!

  2. Panya Laong says:

    My mom and dad live here and they live in a bran well my mom does I do not know where my dad lives but I think it is so so cool to live in thailand exespesilly the food it taste so good and nice I hope everybody has a nice day bye

  3. Carlos Lunghard says:

    Finally I get to watch a Thailand video without those nightlife intoxicated Europeans and Australians at Khao san rd in bkk. Your video has not only class but suits the more "educated" viewers with style and "niveau". Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience to us. ☺

  4. Chrystol Of All Trades says:

    ???love love love this vlog….. Going to all 3 places for my 30th birthday December and I will be doing mostly all the things in this video, plus the Full moon party in Koh Phangan….. Can you give any advice on a type of camera I should get to capture these moments?????

  5. Sana Zaidi says:

    This is absolutely fantastic! Thank you for the huge help in a starting place to plan our Thai vacation. Do you think this trip and itinerary are possible with a 1 year old? We are mainly interested in Bangkok and most definitely Phuket. Want to do the temples, elephants, my husband wants to watch a boxing match and do the water boat tours. Do you think this is family friendly with our baby ? Would love your thoughts!

  6. Laura Mejia says:

    This video is so helpful! My husband and I are going to Thailand in December and will definitely use many of your tips! I have a questions: I am having trouble finding the name of the company for the elephant day interaction that you used in Chiang Mai. What company did you use, and how/where can I book? Thank you!

  7. mmm soso says:

    Wowww This is a great video and thank for promote my Country. if Thai people see your video I'm sure they gotta love your video. if you want to come here again I can advice you about interesting place in Thailand and Thai people your welcome

  8. veronica vul says:

    Thanks for the video it was awesome!!!
    i just have one question about the elephant tour.. i want to order the same one as you but when i read the reviews in tripadvaser it was written that the douse not include riding the elephants.. just wanted to be sure .
    the site i clicked on :

  9. Vinay Arora says:

    Never liked videos that much. But yours deserved it. Can I ask your advise. Have 8 days in Thailand.. have laid out Bangkok,Phuket and pattaya. However Ching mai looked really cool. I am traveling with teenage kids. Can u advise a good plan..thanks for your time.

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